Toast the New Year with Cocktail Rings!

By Erika W.

Care for a Cocktail?

Colorful and bold, a fabulous cocktail ring (or right hand ring) is the perfect piece for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thanks everyone for posting your gorgeous jewelry in the Show Me the Bling and Colored Stones forums!

Cocktail Rings
Posted by LaurenThePartier
Bob Kast Rubellite set & collection pics plus bonus diamond!

Why stop at one ring when you could have-say…23? LaurenThePartier’s colorful collection of right hand rings could satisfy a small army of party-goers!

rubellite tourmaline cocktail ring
Posted by sparkles
A Rubellite Cocktail Ring

Or, how about one incredible rubellite tourmaline and diamond ring? This one is just under 17 carats.

green tourmaline cocktail ring
Posted by canuk-gal
Green Goblin

A giant green tourmaline cabochon surrounded by diamonds might do the trick. This stunning ring was deemed “The Green Goblin” by its owner.

colored stone diamond cocktail rings
Colored Stone E-rings/Eyecandy

Colored stone and diamond rings will sparkle as the Ball drops this New Year’s Eve.

Graff Emerald and Diamond Cocktail Ring
The cocktail ring to end all cocktail rings!

A 2ct emerald with a 3ct diamond halo makes for one glamorous cocktail ring.

Diamond Cocktail Rings
Colored Stone E-rings/Eyecandy

Hot pink drink anyone? A 2.3ct Mahenge spinel and diamond ring may be just what the doctor ordered.

Piaget Cocktail Rings
Piaget Cocktail Rings

Or, you can always go literal with one of these cocktail rings from Piaget’s Creative Collection. Cheers!

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