New Pricescope Diamond Search Features: Wish Lists, Price Alerts, and More!

By Erika Winters

We’ve added a few new features to our diamond search to help you compare diamond prices and keep track of potential stones. You can now compare diamond specs side-by-side, add diamonds to a wish list (and email that list), and set up price alerts to help you monitor diamond price changes.

When you visit Pricescope’s Diamond Search, you’ll see each diamond has a “More” button, which you can click to quickly add stones to your comparisons, wish lists, and price alerts (shown below). Pricescope will also remember your last searches–in case you need to recall your search history.

Please feel free to test these new features, and do visit our Suggestion Box Forum to share your feedback. Thanks!



Side-by-Side Diamond Comparison


Pricescope Diamond Comparison

Side-by-side diamond comparison helps you quickly compare specs to filter selections. This tool is also helpful for pairing diamonds for studs, side stones, and multi-diamond rings.


Diamond Wish Lists


Pricescope Diamond Search Wish List

Add potential stones to your wish list, which can be emailed to send a hint!


Diamond Price Alerts


Pricescope Diamond Price Alerts

The Price Alert tool helps you monitor changes in diamond prices and database updates. When a diamond’s price changes from the time you’ve added it to your alerts, you will receive an email within a 24 hour period. Alerts are also emailed when stones are removed or returned to the database. **Note: When you add a stone to your alerts, it will also automatically be added to your wish list.

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