New Diamond Search Feature: GIA Triple Excellent

Looking for GIA Triple Excellent cut diamonds? We have added a GIA3X button to the Pricescope Diamond Search page to help you locate specific stones that fall within these parameters. “Triple Excellent” is a trade term for round brilliant cut diamonds that meet GIA’s “Excellent” grading criteria for Cut, Polish, and Symmetry.

Check the GIA3X button to find Triple Excellent round brilliant cut diamonds. There are over 450,000 diamonds in the Pricescope database to help you search and compare diamond prices.

GIA Triple Excellent button on Pricescope's diamond search page

Screen shots taken today, March 19, 2012 highlight the new GIA3X button and diamonds in Pricescope’s database.

Search results for GIA Triple Excellent cut diamonds in the Pricescope database

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