New Pope, New Ring: CBS News Video on the Creation of the “Fisherman’s Ring”

By Erika Winters

The most famous ring in the world is in the spotlight with the Vatican’s announcement of the new pope on Wednesday, March 13. Following Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation last February, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis on Wednesday. He will be the 266th leader of the Catholic Church. The CBS News video below details the creation and transition of the pontiff’s ring, also known as the Fisherman’s Ring, as the papal office changes hands.

From the CBS News Video:

It’s been kissed by everyone from heads-of-state to cardinals and priests to ordinary people from every walk of life and scores of countries. The pope’s ring is also technically an official seal, exclusive only to him. So when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, so did his ring.

Pope Benedict XVI’s ring (shown below) weighs 35 grams of pure gold. It was made by eight craftsman working 15-hour days over a period of two weeks. CBS reported that the new papal ring will be the same as the old one, but with a name change.


Pope Benedict XVI ring


According to CBS News Pope Benedict XVI’s ring was inspired by a Michelangelo painting. The ring depicts St. Peter, who was a fisherman, and displays the pope’s official title in Latin.


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