How To Photograph Engagement Rings

We have discussed matching your manicure to your ring for that perfect engagement ring selfie. We have discussed whether or not you keep up with other people’s engagement ring selfies. I thought we could talk about tips for taking photos of your ring! There has been some discussion about jewelry photos in the forums and we wanted to open it back up to discussion and freshen up the viewpoints. Photography has come a long way!

We want your tips too, some people have fancy cameras and some people are taking pics on their phones. We all want the best pics possible for our own sentiment as well as potentially sharing (Show Me the Bling!, anyone?) on PriceScope and/or Social Media. We want our friends and family to get to revel in the moment with us. There are a few things that you can do to help the situation!


Ok, we talked about that before, but it stands true. You don’t want to look back at the pics and have messy nails distract from the main attraction! Even a clean look and clear coat will look good. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it can help to frame the whole image.

Take PriceScope member, StorminNorman72’s intended from the PriceScope forums. This is a beautiful ring and those nails are gorgeous. The whole picture is frame-worthy, what a fun save the date would it be to make an image like this into postcards?

A hand with a fabulous vine manicure and an oval engagement ring with NYC in the background.


Try to use natural light if at all possible. Go outside or sit by a window. Let the sunshine in! Diamond cuts pop light and sunlight will sparkle like crazy!

Tourmaline’s OEC is singing in the sun, I see so many colors in this gorgeous ring!

Diamond ring on a finger.


You can take as many photos as you like, and the more you take the better chance you have to get that one that is just right. I know that when I am taking photos, I tend to take a ton, and then later when I am going through them I find some winners and some duds. You want one perfect shot here where everything is in harmony. The background, the light, the ring, the display (hand, flower, whatever you like), all need to work together.

We can’t all get such a stunning image as Madelise did here. You can see all of the colors of the macarons reflected in the sparkle of the diamond, delicious!

A diamond ring among macarons.


You can go out and get photos with all kinds of amazing backgrounds. If you are traveling, get some on location, or even with your travel gear in the background. If you are at home, maybe get out to a park, or a lake and let nature do its magic in the background. There are so many fun ways to play with it. Find something that really makes you happy! If it is a reminder of the occasion, all the better!

I love this lemony diamond on this yellow Hermés bag. I think HNGN did a great job letting the colors work together and both create a story. Love it!

Hand with yellow diamond ring on top of yellow Hermés purse.


Don’t let those pixelations dull your beauty. Move the camera forward, don’t count on the zoom to pick up the light that bounces in off the cuts in your photo. When you zoom in on something small, it can actually take away from the detail, and detail is important in an engagement ring photo. We want to see the ring!

I found this image online, and it’s an example of too much zoom. It would be a far better image if we could make out a little more of the detail.

Over zoomed image of a car tire rim.


There are so many amazing rings out there to choose from and PriceScope has no shortage of eye candy to use as inspiration! You can use the jewelry search to look at fully created pieces, or the diamond search to find a stellar stone for your project. You can also just give the information of what you are looking for to the Diamond Concierge and their team will help you find exactly what you want!

We are eager to hear your tips! Please give us some ideas in the comments! Thank you for being a part of the discussion that may help some new diamond lovers along the way!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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