Royal Tribute Jewelry

While we have had the Platinum Jubilee on our minds, it seems like a great time to consider the way that UK’s Royal Family uses jewelry to send messages. Every choice is thoughtfully made and conveys something if even just a hint of what they want to express.

Wearing jewelry that expresses something about us is part of adorning ourselves for all of us. For some of us, it is as simple as wanting to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the jewelry that suits us. The Royal family takes that to another level.

So what does it mean? Well, obviously we cannot interpret every intent behind every piece that they wear. We can say that a lot of times it represents connection. Connection to each other, connection to their commitment, connection to their people, connection to the past. They are memories, dreams, ideas, and sometimes even snark. It’s a clever, creative, and gorgeous adornment, and we are here for it.

How is the meaning conveyed? In many subtle ways, messages are presented. From the creator of the piece, the symbolism of the shape, the kind of precious stones within, who has previously worn the piece, even where it came from. All of these things are taken into account for every official royal appearance. While it may be the case that the internet at large is reading too much into it, it is clearly true for many royals that they are intentional with their choices.

Queen Elizabeth II in her nineties wearing green with a turquoise and diamond brooch.
During the height of the Great Influenza Pandemic and during the first World War, Queen Mary presented herself with calm, encouraging compassion for her people. While Queen Elizabeth II addressed her nation during the Covid-19 Pandemic, she wore a turquoise and diamond brooch that belonged to her Grandmother, Queen Mary. She was reaching through time to recall the image of her Grandmother standing firmly, meeting with soldiers, being an image of comfort and focus during the storm. A reminder that the royal family is stalwart and will always be there for their people to comfort and support them when morale is drooping.

Meghan Markle, with Princess Diana inset, and butterfly earrings

The love of a mother was seen at the beginning of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tours of Australia and New Zealand. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took that moment to announce their expected child. The Duchess was seen to be wearing butterfly earrings that had belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales. Bringing her love and memory into their blessed announcement. A reminder that they still want her presence felt in their milestone moments.

The new mother, Queen Elizabeth II welcomes Prince Charles.

The cover image of this post includes several images of the Queen wearing her flower basket brooch. She has been seen wearing this brooch since her own youth. She wore it for Prince Charles’ first official picture, and she wore it to meet her great-grandson, Prince George. It can be seen as a symbol of longevity and consistency. Beautiful, not over the top, but the symbolism is there.

The Queen has announced that she wants to ensure that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall becomes Queen Consort upon Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne. I encourage you to keep an eye out and watch for the Duchess to be wearing pieces that belong to her Mother-in-law, reminding the world that she is carrying the Queen’s public endorsement.

I think it’s fascinating and clever the way that they use jewelry. It’s fun to try to decipher the meaning behind each look, and while we may not always get it right…the messages are nearly always there.

Do you pay attention to the royals? What kind of jewelry messaging have you noticed? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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