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Need some help with a small budget ;(


Feb 5, 2014
I for one really think it is great that you are doing this! I love the idea, the sentiment behind it and certainly would love a stone like that. Not too small at all. Who cares what others think if it makes you two happy?

There are no rules in love except those you two make. Those are the rules governing your relationship. Viva La difference.

She should wear what she loves whereever she wants to wear it. I wear solis, 3 stones, halo diamond and CS rings on whatever finger. Once you two are engaged if you get a larger diamond then she can wear that on her left hand and wear this as a RHR.

Either way, there is nothing wrong with gifting diamonds out of love and commitment regardless of what you call it.

Keep us posted about the end result!


Jan 21, 2006
Personally I would buy a cheaper setting and get a larger well cut diamond, lower color and clarity, with an excellent - ideal cut.

A knife edge pave is really delicate and a slender look on the finger.
JA from time to time has their settings at 25% off. Personally, I don't care for
peg prongs on a setting like the one your girl friend chose...but that's just a personal preference. This one from JA is lovely and $300 cheaper.

These old European custom cut AVR's are sparkle bombs!
They can actually look brighter and whiter than a nice modern round brilliant that are higher colors.
Cut is king!

You can get Jonathan on August Vintage Inc. to source you a modern round brilliant stone.

You can find an high color, SI eye clean, True H & A on JA in your budget that faces up around 6mm.
A one carat faces up 6.5mm. That is if you can find a setting she loves on JA to stay on budget..

Here's a nice 6 prong on JA which would save you $400. You can always ask for claw prongs if you prefer that type of prong.

Ask JA when they plan to run their 25% off again. they ran it several times during October.

good luck with your search on your budget.
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Jan 21, 2006
Thanks, I just saw that. Maybe my post will help others on a $4k budget reading this thread. Glad they are happy with their decisions.

And congrats LSH on your engagement! Her ring will be amazing!
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