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Celebrating 25 Years Of Blue Nile.

Celebrating 25 Years Of Blue Nile

If you want a secure, dependable, no-nonsense online diamond or jewelry purchasing experience, Blue Nile is the world's largest and most significant internet diamond vendor. If you're a PriceScope member and/or a frequent reader of the PriceScope Blog, you would've frequently seen the leading fine jewelry brand, Blu...

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Jewelry Gifts for Graduation

Jewelry Gifts for Graduation

Graduation is a milestone moment in any student's life. For some, this is the first year since the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic that a graduation ceremony is taking place. If you're fortunate to be graduating this 2022, congratulations! Now that graduation season is officially here, we want to ensure tha...

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Jewelry Collections to Covet

Elizabeth Taylor painted by Yoo Choong Yeul   We’ve talked endlessly about building a jewelry wardrobe and what pieces make up our jewelry basics. So, this time we’ve decided to take a different approach and highlight the women who not only created solid jewelry wardrobes but legendary wardrobes that people...

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September Birthstone 2020: Blue Sapphire

Antique 8ct Ceylon Blue Sapphire Ring Posted by PS Member Bluemuse It is a New Month! That also means a New Birthstone! This month, we celebrate the ever so popular Blue Sapphire. Fall will be here in a little under four weeks. As you can imagine, that can make some Summer lovers feel a little blue. Don't feel dism...

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Style File: Tinsley Mortimer

If you’re anything like us, you’ve taken your quarantine time to catch up on some serious television. One of those shows which yours truly has started binging is the Real Housewives of New York (RHONY). Now, I haven’t always been a dedicated reality television watcher. So you could have knocked me over with a feathe...

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August Birthstone 2020: Peridot

Peridot Ring posted on Show Me The Bling! by cellentani It's already- August! Yes, another month has gone by but on the bright side, we get to talk about another birthstone. Peridot (peh·ruh·dot) is one of three birthstones of August. The others are known as Spinel and Sardonyx. The color of Peridot gemstones are n...

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June Birthday Icon: Marilyn Monroe

June Birthday Icon: Marilyn Monroe

One of the biggest stars in the world - past and present - is Marilyn Monroe. She captivated generations of people throughout her life and long after her death. So we thought it was fitting to turn the spotlight back on Ms. Marilyn Monroe - who would have celebrated her 93rd birthday June 1 - and teach you how to in...

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