Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds Identified – News Roundup

By Erika W.

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) issued a trade alert last week stating that CVD (chemical vapor deposition) grown diamonds were identified at grading laboratories in Belgium, India, and China. According to an intra-laboratory report, the man-made diamonds ranged from approximately .30 to .70 carats of F-J color and VVS-VS clarity. The synthetics were marked by the presence of inclusions, including feathers, pinpoints and dark crystals, which mimic those found in natural diamonds. The similar inclusions call for more advanced gemological testing–delving beyond standard microscopic evaluation. Tools such as De Beers’ DiamondSure and DiamondView can distinguish these stones from natural diamonds by measuring light absorption and ultraviolet fluorescence.

Synthetic diamonds generally have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds and should not be confused with simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite, which have different optical and physical characteristics.

**If you have questions about DTC’s trade alert, please visit Pricescope’s forum discussion on undisclosed synthetic diamonds.

Loose Natural Diamonds

The latest stories on undisclosed synthetic diamonds….

Rapaport News: IGI Finds Hundreds of Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds at Labs

Several hundred man-made diamonds were sent to the International Gemological Institute ‎‎(IGI) in Antwerp and Mumbai to be certified as natural diamonds…

JCK’s Rob Bates: Will Synthetic Diamonds Cause a Crisis of Confidence?

While the International Gemological Institute’s lab alert has certainly caused plenty of alarm, it is important that people not panic. Synthetic diamonds are still available in only small numbers when compared to naturals.

Idex: Gemesis: It’s Not Us, Others Sold Inappropriately

Responding to the news that a large batch of lab-made diamonds are circulating in the market without proper disclosure, Stephen Lux, President & CEO of Gemesis says the company has been completely forthcoming.

Diamond World News: WFDB firm on disclosure of synthetic diamonds

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) President Avi Paz stressed his commitment to the recent alert by Diamond Trading Company and IGI regarding identification of synthetic diamonds and their disclosure.

Chaim Even-Zohar: The Mystery of Two Gemesis Companies Under One Hat

The alert by the DTC to its sightholders notes that the undisclosed synthetic diamonds submitted to the IGI and other labs have characteristics similar to known Gemesis laboratory-grown materials, a conclusion based mostly on scientific literature.

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