D.NEA Opens World’s First Synthetic Diamond Jewelry Store

By Erika W.

Online retailer D.NEA has opened the world’s first synthetic diamond jewelry boutique in Greenville, South Carolina. D.NEA is known to be the largest producer of jewelry-quality synthetic diamonds by color variety, carat weight, and quantity.

“Customers can now see the full variety and availability of lab-created diamonds with their own eyes. Plus, it is a great place to learn about lab-grown diamonds if you are not familiar with them,” said D.NEA CEO, Eric Franklin.

D.NEA has its own line of custom engagment rings and jewelry in addition to designer collections by Steven Kretchmer, Ritani, and Jane Taylor.

D.NEA Synthetic Diamonds
Synthetic diamonds from D.NEA

Synthetic diamonds generally have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural diamonds. Synthetics should not be confused with simulants, which have different optical and physical characteristics.

To learn more, read Eric Franklin’s article on Synthetic Diamonds.

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