Leibish & Co. to Present Rare Pink Diamond at Hong Kong Jewelry Show

By Erika Winters

Fancy-colored diamond retailer Leibish & Co. will be presenting “The Leibish Pink Promise” diamond at the 2013 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, which starts on March 5. The rare fancy-vivid purplish-pink diamond weighs 2.02 carats and was cut into a cushion shape from the original 4.96-carat rough.

“At first I considered Round and even a Heart shape, but in the end felt that a Cushion would yield the best result,” said Shmulik Polnauer, Leibish & Co.’s GIA graduate gemologist and chief diamond buyer. Leibish & Co. President Leibish Polnauer continued, “it requires great expertise to determine the right shape of an important stone. By cutting a heart shape, we had fair chance to finish a 1.80-carat, with VS2 clarity. We did not want to compromise on the color saturation and wanted to keep the stone over 2 carats.”

Though the majority of the world’s pink diamonds, over 90 percent, are found at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, “The Leibish Pink Promise” was discovered at the Kao mine in South Africa. Pink diamonds of this size and color are exceptionally rare, and its South African origin is especially unique.

“This diamond is of the finest bubble gum color, with some fresh reddish flashes in the face up. It compares well with a Vivid Purplish Pink from Argyle in its body color and luster,” said Polnauer. The diamond was graded fancy-vivid purplish-pink color and SI2 clarity by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Leibish & Co. Presents ‘The Leibish Pink Promise’ Diamond

Leibish & Co. will present “The Leibish Pink Promise,” a rare 2.02-carat fancy-vivid purplish-pink diamond, at the 2013 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, booth 3FD07.

‘The Leibish Pink Promise’ Diamond Rough

From rough to polished… “We spent over three and a half months assessing and then polishing this 4.96-carat rough pink diamond. We saw an enormous amount of potential and wanted to ensure the world appreciates the outcome,” said Polnauer.

Images courtesy of Leibish & Co.

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