James Allen Debuts Cutting-Edge Diamond Display Technology & Fancy-Color Diamonds

By Erika Winters

Are you ready for the next level of online diamond shopping? James Allen has launched a new site featuring an unprecedented technology for displaying diamonds, fancy-color diamonds, and the company’s exclusive new “James Allen Collection” of handcrafted engagement rings.

The new Diamond Display Technology™ allows customers to interact with diamonds in 360 degrees and in high resolution. Diamond shoppers can actually move individual stones with their cursors to see details from all angles. The move from static images to interactive viewing helps customers experience a diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and sparkle.

“When purchasing an engagement ring, the diamond you choose makes all the difference, and it needs to be seen. A grading certificate is not enough because it cannot describe a diamond’s beauty and sparkle,” said David Berkovits, marketing director at James Allen.

James Allen is also now offering natural fancy-color diamonds in addition to colored gemstones as alternative center stones for engagement rings. In recent years fancy-color diamonds have grown in popularity, and the company is expanding with more affordable options in color.

And finally, as part of the company’s rebranded website, James Allen has unveiled a new collection of handcrafted engagement rings. The designs include contemporary and vintage-inspired rings featuring diamonds and colored gemstones.

Diamond Display Technology™ by James Allen


Click on the yellow diamond to try out the new display technology from James Allen.

Fancy-Color Diamonds

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds at James Allen

James Allen introduced natural fancy-color diamonds with its new website launch.

New James Allen Collection

18k White Gold Zinnia Inspired Geometric Engagement Ring from James Allen

Vintage inspired engagement ring setting from the new James Allen Collection

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