Google’s 2013 Top Ten Most-Searched Jewelry Brands – Surprised?

By Erika Winters

According to Google Zeitgeist 2013, an interactive report on the year’s search trends, the ten jewelry brands that garnered the most searches included Gucci, Jennifer Meyer, and Gemfields. We saw this list on JCK News last week and were a little surprised by some of the brands. We all have our jewelry favorites, but Google’s list gives us an interesting perspective on the brands that people are most actively seeking on the web.

Google Trends – Trending Jewelry Brands, 2013, United States

1. Gucci

2. Kendra Scott

3. Sucre

4. Jennifer Meyer

5. Jennifer Fisher

6. Better Late Than Never

7. Gemfields

8. Latest Revival

9. Suzannah Wainhouse

10. Winifred Grace

What do you think of Google’s top ten most-searched jewelry brands? Did you search for these brands in 2013? Cast your vote!

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Gucci Horsebit necklace in 18k at Reeds Jewelers

Gucci Horsebit necklace in 18k – Gucci topped the list of Google’s top ten most-searched jewelry brands.


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