Christie’s Confirms Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Auction

By Erika W.

Christie’s to auction Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection

After much speculation, Christie’s has confirmed the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s famed jewelry collection. The vast collection has an estimated value of $150 million and will be auctioned through a series of sales. Christie’s will also be auctioning Taylor’s art, clothing, and memorabilia. Auction dates will be announced later this Spring.

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry

“Above all, the importance of the jewelry is emotional and psychological, and I knew that I wanted to share my collection with others so that they could get a glimpse of the joys, the thrills, and the pure happiness that these beautiful creations have given me. I hope their presence and their magic will be passed on to others, loved but not possessed, for we are all temporary custodians of beauty.” – Elizabeth Taylor, My Love Affair with Jewelry

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