“The Imperial Cushions” Rare Golconda Diamond Ear Pendants

By Erika W.

Christie’s to auction “The Imperial Cushions” on May 31, 2011

Christie’s Hong Kong will be auctioning this remarkable pair of diamond ear pendants at the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale on May 31, 2011. The pair features 23.49ct and 23.11ct D color VVS1 clarity Golconda Type IIa diamonds named “The Imperial Cushions.” Type IIa diamonds are exceptionally rare, as they contain very little or no nitrogen. This lack of nitrogen and essential chemical purity yields a highly coveted absence of color and rare transparency of crystal. Type IIa diamonds account for less than 2% of world diamond production. “The Imperial Cushions” are among the ranks of other famous diamonds from India’s Golconda region including the Hope Diamond and the Koh-i-Noor. The rare diamond ear pendants are expected to fetch up to $10 million.

The Imperial Cushions Diamond Ear Pendants

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