Celebrity Men’s Wedding Rings

At PriceScope we often speak of women’s diamond engagement rings, constantly leaning towards female jewelry which both our male and female members usually take a liking to. Without taking the spotlight off women’s engagement rings, we would like to shine some light on men’s jewelry specifically men’s wedding rings. This blog post is focused on men’s jewelry specifically men’s wedding rings. Join us as we explore the wide variety of men’s wedding rings found on the market today. 

History of Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings were not really considered until the 1940s. Men generally didn’t wear rings, the only jewelry men would often wear were watches. It was only as late as World War II that men would wear rings. Mostly men who would go off to war wore a wedding band to remember and symbolize the love they had for their significant other. 

Classic Band 

Newlywed men could never go wrong with a classic yellow gold band. As seen on David Beckham and Henry Golding. The greatest advantage of wearing a classic wedding band is that you never have to worry about whether it will go with your outfit. Opting for a classic wedding band with your choice of metal allows you to dress up your jewelry look, whether that be accentuating your everyday look with a watch or a men’s bracelet.

David Beckham Classic Wedding Band.

David Beckham's Classic Wedding Band.

Henry Golding Classic Wedding Band.

Henry Golding's Classic Wedding Band.

Classic Band With A Modern Twist

An alternative to a classic wedding band could be to opt for a modern twist to the classic look and feel. Kanye West’s wedding ring was flat at the top with a 90-degree angle and a flat side (talk about adding an edge to the classic band). Another option is a mixed-metal band, as seen on Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson opted for a white gold ring with a platinum twist center and yellow gold rim. 

Kanye West Classic Wedding Band.

Kanye West's Classic Wedding Band with a Twist.

Russell Wilson Wedding Band.

Russell Wilson's Classic Wedding Band with a Twist.

Diamond Wedding Ring

We have come to our favorite section of celebrity men’s wedding rings – diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Whether you’re opting for a classic wedding band with a strip of pavé set diamonds as seen on John Legend or aim to go all out and elevate your overall jewelry look with a stack of diamonds as seen on Tyrese Gibson – you can never go wrong with sparkle. Diamonds are a woman’s and man’s best friend (despite what Marilyn Monroe said in 1949) we’d suggest not to hold back if the budget allows, of course

I want to design a custom diamond wedding ring. We suggest you first decide on a budget and see how much of that budget you are willing to allocate on carat weight alone. Browse natural and lab-grown diamonds.

John Legend Wedding Band With Diamond Detail.

John Legend's Wedding Ring With Diamond Detail.

Tyrese Gibson Diamond Wedding Band.

Tyrese Gibson's Diamond Wedding Ring Stack.

Iced Out Wedding Ring

If you are financially comfortable and what we mean is that you are willing to pay the price for whatever your heart truly desires as well as a lover of diamonds and we mean – diamonds, then this section of celebrity men’s wedding rings is just for you. Both Gucci Mane and Offset are comfortable in their own skin and they’re not afraid to experiment with jewelry. Seeing their wedding rings affirms that there is no limit to how iced out you can go when shopping for your wedding ring. 

Gucci Mane Diamond Wedding Band.

Gucci Mane's Diamond Wedding Ring.

Offset Diamond Wedding Band.

Offset's Diamond Wedding Ring.

Are you a married man? Do you plan on getting married soon? Which wedding ring do you resonate with the most? What style of wedding ring do you have or hope to have in the future? Let us know by clicking the comments button below.

Written by Bianca Mac Donald

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