Diamonds and Diversity: Tiffany Atrium

Tiffany & Co. is known worldwide for fine jewelry, little blue boxes, and an Audrey Hepburn movie. Now they have launched Tiffany Atrium, a social impact platform that advances opportunities for historically underrepresented communities.

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For over 25 years now, Tiffany & Co. has been committed to conducting business responsibly, sustaining the natural environment, and positively impacting the communities in which they operate. They even have a timeline of sustainability efforts called Tiffany Milestones: A Legacy of Sustainability so that their work is readily apparent. The pillars of Tiffany & Co.’s sustainability agenda are their far-reaching 3P’s, covering Products, People, and Planet.

In 2022, Tiffany took another step toward the goal of leaving the world a better place than when they were founded. Tiffany Atrium’s name was inspired by the Return to Tiffany® Heart Tag Necklace, which pays homage to the heart and the room around which a house is built. 

Return to Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag.


“We are thrilled to introduce the Tiffany Atrium platform, creating a centralized hub for our continued journey in the worlds of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Anthony Ledru, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co. “At Tiffany & Co., we have a responsibility to enact positive change in our world. Tiffany Atrium will allow us to streamline and scale the necessary processes in doing so.” 

In a subtle departure from the pillars of Tiffany’s sustainability efforts, Tiffany Atrium’s mission is to create a more diverse and inclusive jewelry industry through commitment, leadership, and learning—all of which are reflected in Atrium’s three core pillars: creativity, education, and community. This is bringing a new touch to luxury jewelry; adding diversity to jewelry design and creation will make the future of fashion more rich and flexible. The tapestries of our creativity are most often born from our experiences, and adding more dimension and more varied life stories will ultimately just strengthen the brand’s longevity.

Tiffany & Co. Tag Braclet.


The programming for Tiffany Atrium is set to begin in the fall. They are creating a reach that will connect with so many more people. Apprenticeships and programming in underrepresented communities are a great start. Adding scholarships and programs in select HBCUs will shine a light in places where accessibility to art may be out of reach. There are so many talented people that are ready and willing to tell their stories through art, and we are ready to learn from them.

The luxury jewelry world is not exactly known for it’s diversity. There is diversity in the jewelry world, but it tapers off as you get into the more luxury lines. While jewelry is stunning and an important part of our lives, luxury jewelry is just inaccessible to most people. This isn’t going to put Tiffany & Co. jewelry in a lower cost bracket, but it may ultimately give us new beauty through new perspectives.


I Shine, You Shine, We Shine artwork.
I Shine, You Shine, We Shine artwork.

To mark the launch of Tiffany Atrium, the House collaborated with American visual artist and community-builder Derrick Adams to design an original artwork, entitled “I Shine, You Shine, We Shine” which the Tiffany Atrium logo is derived from. The artwork was auctioned by online art marketplace Artsy with 100% of proceeds benefiting The Last Resort Artist Retreat, an artist residency designed to provide healing and restoration to Black artists and cultural workers founded by Adams in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.


Tiffany & Co. Building.

The take away of this blossoming platform is “we see you, and your voice is welcome in our storytelling.” This could be an exciting step for the jewelry industry as long as people are willing to give it a chance. We can’t wait to see the beauty unlocked from minds that haven’t been able to shine as they should have. It’s only a beginning, but it’s a great concept. I cannot wait to see the art that may spring forth from this platform and how that representation will inspire even more people. Ripples of beauty and creativity are a welcome addition to the world, today and always.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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