A Pretty Pink Pad

Natasha-cupcake posting this seriously incredible Padparadscha Sapphire ring on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope.com. Can I just say WOW, this is mind blowingly beautiful! The color, the shaping, it’s all on point! Well done, Natatsha-cupcake, this pad ring is #ringgoals for sure.


The Perfect Undercarriage
The Perfect Undercarriage

We have been impressed by several of the pieces that have come from Elle at The Gemstone Project, and that has just been amplified! Natasha-cupcake knew where to turn when she sought a pad sapphire that would rock her socks but not break her budget…too much 😉 PriceScopers are known for helping each other fulfill their jewelry goals, and they did it again!


The finger shot
The finger shot


The detail work here is top notch, this is fabulous work Elle! I particularly love the unique look of the E-W orientation, it is a magnificent use of the real estate 😉

The Stats:

Pad Sapphire 1.26 carats 7.46 x 5.97 x 3.58mm.


Go see the post with tons more pad ring pics!

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