A Sapphire Engagement

Mochiko42 shared this absolutely gorgeous sapphire engagement ring with us on the Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope.com.  We love every reason to buy and/or wear fabulous jewelry, but the engagement ring will always hold a special place. They can be traditional and classic, or completely unique and loaded with personal flavor.


Lovely color changing sapphire
Lovely color changing sapphire


This is a Lotus engagement ring from Sally at Heart of Water. Sally also sourced the stone, and it’s stunning! I love the color shifting way that this stone captures the light. This is a wonderful marker of your lifelong commitment, I hope that you have worn it in health, wealth, and happiness in the intervening years! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Beautiful Profile
Beautiful Profile

The Stats:
– Sapphire from Sri Lanka (color change, from cornflower blue to violet/lavender-blue), 6.3mm, 0.90 carat, no treatment
– diamonds are G VS1
– 18k yellow gold ring


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