9 Tips to Combat DSS (Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome)

By Erika W.

Diamonds Shrink?

Ok, they don’t really physically shrink, but as you get used to wearing your diamond engagement ring, the center stone may appear smaller over time. Some experience DSS right off the bat, while others remain content with their diamond for decades. Do not fear DSS! There are ways to cope. Here are some tips to help those afflicted by the dreaded syndrome.

1. Clean It

A dirty diamond won’t sparkle. Diamonds are naturally attracted to grease, which attracts dirt. Keep that baby clean. A sparkly diamond trumps a dull diamond of any size.

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Posted by Asscherhalo_lover
Clean and Sparkly
Before and After Cleaning Thread

2. Put it Away for a Week

Go without it for a few days or even a week. Depriving yourself of your gorgeous diamond will surely make you appreciate it when it’s back on your hand. Just make sure you store it somewhere safe. 😉

Diamond Engagement Ring
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1.2 carat round brilliant diamond ring with pave

3. Play with Fire

Forget about size and focus on the light show. Seek lighting where your diamond sparkles wildly and displays great fire. Local jewelry stores have nice lighting. (Home Depot does too) Or, just walk outside on a sunny day and admire your diamond under a tree, a great place to see fire.

Loose Cushion Cut Diamond
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The Fire Thread

4. Focus on Other Jewelry or Colored Stones

Pendants, earrings, and bracelets provide a nice distraction. Visit our Jewelry Forum and Colored Stones Forum for ideas.

Garnet Ring
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Tanga Garnet and Pink Tourmaline

5. Stack Bands

Plain, eternity, partial diamond, you name it. More bands = more finger coverage. Remember, there are many occasions to celebrate with a great wedding band, so start stacking!

Diamond Ring and Wedding Bands
Posted by EHR2009
Show Me Your Stacked Rings

6. Add a Halo

For acute DSS, you may need a halo. A halo will definitely make your diamond appear larger. Bump up the size of the melee (small surrounding diamonds) if you worry your DSS might return!

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Posted by risingsun
Solitaire to Halo – Before and After Thread

7. Add Side Stones

More coverage and a classic look that will keep that DSS at bay. Visit our Three Stone Rings and Five Stone Rings tutorials for ideas.

Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring
Posted by noobie
Three Stone Rings

8. Upgrade

There is a cure for DSS…if you absolutely must.

Engagement Ring
Posted by Yssie
Upgrade – Before and After Pics

9. Remember Who Gave it to You

Enough said.

Engaged Couple
Photo by Eric Hoffland
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