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window shopping - I may be in trouble now!

Dec 21, 2015
I ran in to a local jeweler to get a ring polished, and the wait time was going to be short enough to stay while they did it. They weren't terribly busy so I thought I would have a little fun trying on rings. First of all I discovered that if I ever upgrade my ring (round brilliant in a 4 prong platinum setting) it will need to go up in size to about 1 1/2 carats. As size increases, does clarity and color also need to go up? Stay the same? I have spent some time on Whiteflash playing around with the search feature there. My current (original) diamond is a G. I would think I would want to stay at a G. Would I be ok with an H? Happier with an F??

What about clarity? I think SI1 would want to be as low as I could go. Thoughts?

Ideal cut goes without saying.

Last, A Cut Above or Expert Selection?

Now, I am nowhere near the point of pulling the trigger (and we may never do it) so I am not talking about particular stones. It would just be nice to nail down the stats some to get a good idea of what this dream diamond will cost. :naughty: Also, is there a best time to buy a diamond (regarding prices)?

I would love to hear your thoughts!!!


Oct 15, 2010
Diamond prices change so it may not be wise to speculate now on what you can afford down the line. I have seen I colored ideal cut stones on here that look very white. Clarity-- many on here have SI1s that are eye clean or close to it. If I was uprading I would go with A Cut Above but that is just me.

I am pretty sure Whiteflash has an upgrade policy so if you buy from them you can upgrade gradually if you like. I've never purchased from them but I'm sure others can chime in on the specifics. I know what you mean. When I try on rings that speak to me at my jeweler, I am always in the 3 carat range for pears and emerald cuts. I look at the price tags and laugh at my rich taste.
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