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Weekly Workout Thread 16th July till 22nd July

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Jun 15, 2006
I just wanted to chime in to second Mara''s sentiment that eating "normal" foods while losing weight is the way to go, Marcy. You are doing all of the right things, and they are clearly working!!!

Mara, I think Chicago was a one shot deal for us, John has re-geared his business towards staying here and if he had to make another shift to move he might flip a lid. We did talk a bit about it today, and he is pleased with the direction his business is headed in; he just wishes CA wasn''t such a tax-happy state, it would make our lives much easier. Not much we can do about it, aside from vote, so we''ll just make the best of things here, where life is already pretty darn good!

Jas, you crack me up! Your Garden Walk sounds so fab, hope you enjoyed! And hooray for inches lost!

Skip, I missed that you fell, oh my! I hope you''re okay. I''ll be thinking about you tomorrow (your results).

Rod, your weekend sounds quite wonderful! I''m sure you enjoyed. They do go too quickly!


Jun 29, 2006
mrssalvo: i live in cold spring, about 2 miles south of NKU. i actually grew up on the west side and slowly migrated east thru college/grad school until i ended up in anderson and then moved south. i think my west side friends have disowned know how that is in cincinnati, i''m sure. i built my house here about 1.5 yrs ago and love it. it''s only about 9 miles from the city so i''m pretty central.

jas: woo-hoo on the size 4 hips!

skippy: sorry about your fall. there''s an intersection i often run thru that i have tripped and wiped out at no less than 3 times. 2x''s in a race with all these people around! it''s a totally flat intersection, so who knows what my deal is there. just a klutz i guess! hope you are ok though:)

i did my bridge run yesterday which was fab and then had pizza for dinner - which defeated the purpose but was totally worth it. my FI inhaled half of the large pizza on his own while my sister and i watched in amazement. of course he NEVER gains an ounce even though he can eat like not fair! today i was supposed to do a long bike but my riding partner called and cancelled at 6:30 am so i capitalized on her cancellation and slept in. tonite i watched the latest stage of the tour de france and had some beer and lasagna. totally glorious gluttony! so i guess today is my day off...hehehe. back to the grind tomorrow.

oh and also wanted to congratulate danielle on her race finish....awesome job!

have a great week everyone!


Aug 17, 2005
Date: 7/20/2007 5:08:59 PM
Author: Mara
have fun this wkd time you come to SJ, please let me know as i''d love to meet you!! summer is so busy for me right now but hopefully things will be calming down come late august/september!
Same here, Mara! We''ll plan on it next time.

I''ve had a great weekend with my Bay Area friends! Got into town yesterday afternoon, got picked up at SFO and drove on the Bay Bridge to Tiburon. Had "refreshments" out on a sunny patio, and just kicked back and caught up (hadn''t seen my best friend & her husband in months). The weather was soooo awesome, and the view breathtaking- you could see the Skyline in the distance. We went for a nice walk on a path. On the way down to to their place, we went through the city and gawked at all the lovely victorian homes in pacific heights. Oh my gawd, they were beautiful!

We eventually made it down to their neck of the woods (San Mateo). They live right by the main drag, so after more refreshments at their place, we walked over there for dinner. We weren''t terribly hungry, so went to a taqueria. I had two carne asada tacos, and skipped the tortilla on the 2nd one. So overall, I ate pretty well yesterday.

This morning, my friend drove me to SFO so I could pick up my rental car. Then I headed further south to my college roommate''s home in Cupertino. Her adorable daughter is almost 5, and just precious! We had a "girls luncheon" at a tea house/shoppe over on Santana Row. I was sooo hungry, having not eaten breakfast, and I was a wee bit sad when my lunch arrived- 2 mini sandwich tirangles and a teeny quiche ("this won''t fill me up!") Surprisingly though, it did! must''ve been the tea- I almost drank the whole pot! We walked around a bit more and just enjoyed the sunny day.

Fast-forward to now, and I''m settled in for the night in my hotel in Monterey. I got in late this afternoon, went for a powerwalk and dinner (salad at CPK). I brought my stretchy armband things so I could work on my arms. Other than that, I have some work to do tonite to prepare for my meeting tomorrow morning.

Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! I''m sooo sad to see it end.

Kimberly- I dig Carlsbad! The flower fields are sooo pretty, and of course there''s the outlets.
DeeJay- I admit that I got a kick out of your pup''s reaction to your MIL. Sorry to hear about her tooth. Ouch!
Danielle- Great time on your race! Take care of that hamstring.
Skiippy & Mrs S- WOW, talk about early birds!
Marcy- Congrats on a new low- here''s to many more.
Rod- I love reading about your delish dinners. yum!
jas- "juicy, and more firm"- words to live by!
tdiddy- I totally think you deserved a day off after your bridge run


Feb 27, 2007
Kimberly, I am glad you are staying in California. It sounds like life is good for you and your family there. I am glad you think I am doing the right thing on food choices, and since it obviously is working I am not going to mess with success.
Tdiddy, I’m sorry to hear about that intersection playing mean tricks on you. Of course, it would be some place where everyone can see you. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself. You deserve a day off every now and then. It must be the day for lasagna.
ChargerGirl, I’m so glad to hear you are having a marvelous time visiting with your friends and enjoying a great view. Thank you very much for the congrats on my weight loss – and many more. I appreciate it.
It sounds like everyone had a great weekend.
Take care and I’ll see you in next week’s WWT thread.



Oct 30, 2002
kimberly sounds like you guys made the right decision for yourselves for right now...but like greg is NOW fond of saying ''nothing is forever'' hehee. so you just never know i guess!!

we went for a walk tonite and the evening was so nice that we ended up doing about an hour and 15 minutes and probably just over 3 miles. came back and ate some leftovers from the lunch today. now we''re watching star wars and going to bed soon. busy day tomorrow!!

we also talked some more about our potential was funny because we were looking at all these awesome cute houses on our walk, we love looking at them and pointing out architectural elements we like...well some of them look like ones we are considering in our move so we were like wow we could actually own that house for like 1/5 of the cost. amazing. and i am looking fwd to experiencing some different seasons and warmer evenings, something we totally don''t have here in CA. and greg says i should be looking fwd to an actual winter wardrobe, shopping! heehe. so we''ll see anyway. we are kind of lining up our ducks...he is sending his resume and we are watching the market here for selling our house and discussed what we''d be happy with etc.

on a down note, the bbq we had with my family today was so nice...we will totally miss that whole thing. and my parents really have no idea we are seriously considering this...or else i''d never hear the end of it. anyhow, glad we got a nice long walk in...hope everyone else had a good rest of the evening!!
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