Wedding Bands


Dec 3, 2011
nowicanseethemoon|1382389377|3541861 said:
So here's a new development. I got my engagement ring (I had to send it back to get sized up and have sizing beads added - knuckle issues) and it is a lovely antique reproduction solitaire with an awesome donut. J says he actually really likes the ring (amazing!) but he doesn't think he'll like that the wedding band won't sit flush, so maybe I just shouldn't wear one. Um,... no. I don't want them to sit flush, hence the purpose of the donut. So, now I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with getting him on board with the whole gap issue. It's always something :naughty: But he eventually came around on the e-ring, so I'm hopeful we can figure this out too.

It's so funny that you posted this... the hubs didn't like the idea of my wband not sitting flush with my ering. I love a gap! To me the look of a gap is effortlessly chic! He will come around... ;))

I tried on about 75-100 wbands before deciding on the "right" one. <--- seriously, I tried on so many that I started getting anxiety about it -- I was worried I wouldn't find what I wanted because it didn't exist (or I just didn't really know what I wanted)... I ended up choosing a dainty bezeled diamond band. I didn't want anything to "overpower" my ering, but really wanted it to be seen. This is what I ended up getting and love it!! :love: The hubs wanted a 14K white gold brushed band with a little something extra so it "wasn't a plain band". :bigsmile:
our_rings.jpg pharmacy.jpg

...sorry for the huge photos!!


May 28, 2013
MBKRH|1373720969|3482309 said:
M likes this band which he found on Pinterest (Yes, he has a Pinterest page!) :o
After following the link, I was like "Uhhh babe, that's CZ and not diamond." :errrr: :errrr:

So, I have to find this ring....somewhere out there.... with real diamonds. I've had no luck. I've found some similar styles, but he poo-pooed them. He's pickier about a ring than I am!! :sick: :lol:

Could you try custom in order to get the ring he wants?


Oct 12, 2013
All I know is I liked the mixed look, so if my engagement ring is a plain band solitaire I want a diamond band wedding ring, and vice versa. I just like to see more shiney metal, I love how it stands out :)


Feb 29, 2012
Just wanted to update that I bought a few titanium bands on amazon for DBF to try out! Hopefully one of them may end up being his wedding band, but I decided to go ahead and buy them now since they were so cheap and I needed another Christmas present for him hehe. From what I read, titanium is a harder metal than gold (I forget where it was in comparison to platinum) and tungsten. Tungsten feels heavy though (as does plat) but titanium is extremely lightweight. He is not a jewelry person and so I think this will be a good option for him then since it won't even feel like he's wearing something hopefully!


Jan 10, 2014
I would have liked to get a non-matchy wedding band but I just haven't been able to find one with the purpose of has the right profile, height, width etc to go with my e-ring. So, I'm getting the similar band, it looks best with the ring.
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