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Trusted Vendors Sticky?


Nov 2, 2012
Hi Jen. I don't think what you linked to belongs on the "trusted pearl vendor" list because it doesn't appear they specialize in pearls. Also, the ring you linked to, with a freshwater mabe pearl and not precious metal, seems closer to costume/craft jewelry than fine pearl jewelry.

However, both the ring and the shop/s look adorable so that certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't get it or wouldn't enjoy it. Maybe you could google the company name and see if it's listed (for good or for bad) on any review sites. And/or if there's anything less expensive that you want, try buying that first to limit your loss if you're unsure about them. Good luck with it and please post a picture if you get it!


Mar 18, 2009
Lovinggems|1453766868|3981427 said:
My second experience with Jac at thePearlHouse Etsy wasn't so good.
Originally I felt comfortable enough to purchase because of some beautiful examples consistently posted by other forum members. I had my share of jewelry purchase problems before so I am more careful nowadays, but I was always happy to give smaller Etsy vendors a go, this may change now as I've been burned a few times and there's no recourse with some of the smaller vendors.

1. I was encouraged to purchase off Etsy for my own benefit (there was none but vendor don't have to pay Etsy fees so may be that's why I was given that option), I actually paid an extra 5% that I didn't have to, to make things easier for the vendor I didn't ask him to recreate a listing on Etsy, I realised this was a mistake and I should have kept the transaction above board despite good reviews from others. If I could post my review on Etsy I will give 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5.
2. Stringing wasn't done because I didn't purchase a clasp (I paid for stringing), I wasn't told I need to purchase one from him and his associate.
3. I was told the pearls will be similar in price (went up by 30%), hey I thought the pearls will be the same quality as last time so I wasn't too unhappy, but I was wrong, quality not as good and I bought from the same listing.
4. Pearls are more monotone (grey) and less lustrous than photos on Etsy, and the previous pearls I purchased from him.
5. Too few pearls chosen so the strand is too short (14 inches only), despite paying extra for matching and stringing fee.
5. In the end implied I need to purchase bulk like other forum members and do my own matching, I think it got too hard for the vendor in the end. My original request was choose enough pearls for a 17 inches strand, with 10mm to 12 mm pearls, or 11mm to 13mm pearls. 5 extra pearls, 2 x 10mm for my existing bracelet, 2 x 11 mm for earrings, 1 x 11mm for a ring.
6. Given excuses (eg jet setting to LA) when I asked for a tracking number a week after it was originally promised.

Since there's a no return policy for drilled pearls and credit and exchange only policy only for undrilled pearls, inconsistent information given and diminishing customer service, I won't be purchasing from Jac again. Weighing everything up against the price I paid with this purchase and other vendors with better return policies and customer service, I am willing to pay a bit more and buy from more reputable vendors, I am a quality vs quantity person.

I'm glad another member got a full refund with the help of the forum, despite that thread was removed due to forum rules.
Thanks for the review. You saved me money.


Dec 20, 2012
:appl:I had a wonderful experience with The Pearl Source. I purchased freshwater pearl necklaces for the bridesmaids at my daughters wedding. The pearls had a great luster, were perfectly matched, and came in a beautiful box. They were also reasonably priced.


Mar 4, 2011
collier - I'm not familiar with them but then there are only a couple of people on eBay that I would trust. Apparently there has been questionable silver content in some of the Chinese Sterling and the same with Gold ... obviously this doesn't apply to everyone but it is an issue. Frankly if you are looking at buying high end pearls , South Sea or Tahitians then I would look elsewhere. The prices are very retail and I'd rather be sure of the people I'm dealing with.. they also are listing Freshwater Ripple pearls as Kasumi. Kasumi are from Japan and are extremely expensive as they are rare. If you find one for under 100$ then it's not Kasumi. Stick with the recommended vendors


Jul 27, 2011
Thanks for your honest reply, I've been watching a pair of drop shaped undrilled tahitians, but was concerned about the vendor.


Sep 15, 2019
Here are some vendors in my folder. Can anyone help me verified them?

I'm prefer &, but I found pearlvogue price too high:cry2::cry2:
But I do love her pearls.:cool2:


Jan 4, 2010
I'd like to add ROLAY on Etsy. ?ref=ss_items

I've been really happy with the items I've bought from this company. "Bob" is very responsive to questions, and items are shipped promptly.
Note: This is the same vendor as Pearl Society on eBay, who is already on the trusted vendors list, but their Etsy shop is only a few months old.
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