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Aug 14, 2009
Yes me want!! I would love to try on a long necklace. I think the fact that it touches clothing might be what gets me. I don't really know. We are all an idiosyncratic bunch and I love us all. Anyhoo, my coffee and sugar sister, I would love to try on this gorgeous necklace and I will bring some jewels for you!
Enjoy many date nights and feeling beautiful in this gorgeous necklace! :kiss2: :love:

Touches clothing. Hmm. I get that. I have some bracelets that I really don’t like to wear with long-sleeved shirts - especially sweaters with loose knits. We’ll find out one of these days!! :love:

@Begonia Thank you! ::)

So that dress.

Once upon a time there was this clothing store called Caché. I wasn’t allowed to shop there - the one time my mother and I went together, because that was where all the other girls in high school were buying their sophomore welcome dresses, she marched me out within the minute saying that she had more than enough money to buy me clothing that wasn’t made of vinyl and filled with holes. In her defense most everything did have cutouts in strategically unfortunate places - and I wouldn’t want my teen wearing most of what I pranced around in either.

But then-me was determined that my dress would come from the same place as everyone else’s. I was too young to drive so my friends took me on a detour before field hockey practice, and I made the fastest clothing decision of my life ("can wear bra" and "can bend over" really narrowed my options), and then we stopped by Old Navy and I bought a random T shirt for the bag and hanger and yellow sale tag and switched packaging before my dad picked me up.

Turns out I made an unexpectedly awesome choice. Even my mum thought it "wasn't terrible". And I’ve worn it so many times in the decades (ugh) since. Maybe one day I'll tell her. Probably not. She'd probably remember, and she'd definitely still scold me even if she didn't :lol:

@nala, @caf, @ac117 Thank you!! :bigsmile:

Thank you @Cerulean!! And I’d be totally flattered if you did!! :bigsmile:
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Sep 9, 2020
Something new...

I've always hated necklaces. And scarves. And turtlenecks. And ties. Good grief those grammar school ties. Anything tight 'round the front of my neck.

Early in 2020 I decided that I needed a marvellous strand of akoya pearls. I got the strand of my daydreams in the middle of the year from @molinePDG, and it was enough pearls for exactly two and a half bracelets.

I had the bracelets made. Two of of the thirteen pearls left over went to a friend. I kept two aside as spares. And for the remining nine... I kept coming back to Tiffany's Elsa Peretti sprinkle necklaces - easy, carefree, casual.

But I really have always hated necklaces! It's the one type of jewellery that's never tempted me. And I'm the sort of person who'd be sporting a diamond navel ring if my piercing wasn't a lost cause - if restraint in bling is a virtue then I'm comfortable bereft of it! I figured "more time" would betray this obviously fickle sidebar... So I gave it "more time", and yet "more time". By the end of the year I'd been sitting on the project for six months - which is probably five and a half months longer than I ever sit on projects - with no changes of heart. Okay, I'll take the the (bludgeoning) hint.

I was still tempted to cut every corner imaginable as I assumed this thing would be a curiosity that I'd never actually wear... But the pearls wouldn't let me, and my beloved PS friends agreed with the pearls. The bezels had to be perfect - well, WF's bezels are perfect. The stations had to be perfectly arranged, asymmetric but symmetrically weighted - and WF's bench knows my tastes. The pearls had to be perfectly set; Liza noted that they've had problems using stock endcaps in the past, so now they hand-make each finding for every pearl.

I really couldn't ask for a finer finish :love: WF's reputation is so well-earned! 36" long, 18k 1.7mm rose gold chain, with nine round white akoya (8-8.5mm) and six ACA melee stations (2x 0.05ct, 2x 0.07ct, and 2x 0.10ct). Logos removed per PS policy, again.



Semi-Custom-20123-Diamond-and-Pearl-Station-Necklace-in-18k-Rose-Gold-by-Whiteflash_a3 (1).jpg

This is my first necklace. It'll probably be my last, and I love it all the more for how unique it is in my jewellery box. Easy, carefree, and casual. And it's long enough that it doesn't feel like a necklace at all! The pearls have strong pink overtone and the rose gold is wonderful next to them, and the diamonds (bezelled in rose gold to stay as invisible as possible) add exactly the touches of sparkle that I'd hoped for ::)




I managed one bling pic before the crittery usurped date night!!

Yssie_WF_necklace_shorter copy.png

@yssie beautiful! And so chic!
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