Show us your cocktail rings


Feb 23, 2012
My current ones that qualify. 2 more on the way!
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Yes, the orange is a sapphire. Heated sadly, but I don’t think they come any other way. The ruby cab halo I bought yesterday from @Gildedlane on IG. The other red is an art deco lab ruby with platinum and diamonds. I love the setting but it’s not mind clean so I seldom wear it. Christmas pretty much.

Thanks for saying such nice things! The pink coral was an earring that was too heavy.


Aug 17, 2015
Love all these BIG RINGS!!!
So my Sapphire Bombe ring had a beautiful round cut (rare!) 4.55 carat royal blue sapphire in a mid-century platinum and Marquise cut and round cut setting. Probably 4.0 carats of Diamonds.
I actually traded it in so I no longer own it…hence my newest quest for a large cocktail ring!!!!
I actually am not super sad that I no longer own the ring.
I was consolidating my collection and just realized I truly wanted a no-heat no-treatment Sapphire.
Oh and btw…I wore it whenever I felt like it not just for dress. It probably got more wear when I was in my bathrobe than anything :))

So now I’m on the hunt.
I know no-heat is more of a mind-clean thing but I think there are enough fellow PS-ers who will understand.
Anyway….I have a big Orange Sapphire (9+ carats) that I love and a big Emerald ring so I am on the fence about whether I want a regular everyday Blue Sapphire or whether I want to lean in to my natural “go big or go home” proclivities and buy a Knuckleduster.
I want this next purchase to be investment grade (whatever that really means because jewelry really is NOT the best “investment” but I think telling myself this makes me feel better!) so I am not sure whether it’s better to:
1-buy the best quality sapphire (for example… a 2.0 carat Burma no-heat at $5000/carat
2-buy a 10 carat Ceylon no-heat at $1500/carat

Theoretical of course….so I’m on the hunt!!!
All thoughts/experiences welcome as I think this one over.

Thanks for sharing deets on your sapphire ring! Can’t blame you for wanting no-heat-no-treatment sapphire. I dream of owning NH ruby someday. Your bombé ring is stunning though and I’d wear that with anything!

Good luck with your hunt, @SapphireBomb !! Can’t wait to see your latest bling❤️
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