round diamond budget 4500-5000


Jan 31, 2016
Here you go DaniJ! :) this is a size 5. The stone and setting are gorgeous (ring is 18k white gold), but I downsized from a 1.5+ ct to a 1.1+ (for my lifestyle purposes - 3 little kids, active) and it's a REALLY big change so I'm still trying to get adjusted to it. ID Jewelry is the best, and Yekutiel is fantastic to work with. I did email him this morning re: maybe a 1.3 instead? But I'm going to keep the ring for a week or two to see if I adjust to it. I purchased a pair of uncert bezel earrings from them a few years ago and when I received them, I kinda wished that I had gotten something just a tad bigger (I think they're .6 each), and I regret not making the change then. If you can't tell, I'm incredibly indecisive. :wall:[/quote]

:love: :love: :love: OMG SOOOO PRETTY!!!! Thanks so much chuwy! And sorry for the delayed reply! I'm a size 5 ring too. I'm also the most indecisive person on the planet!!! It is really a problem. We looked at .8 carat rings and that seemed big but (insert indecisiveness) I'm torn on if I really would like something bigger?! I don't wear jewelry normally so I'm not sure how it will feel when the ring is really on my finger! But I do love the finger coverage and proportion of this 1.1 on your size 5 finger. After wearing it for a few more days are you still considering a 1.3? I can see how 1.5 to 1.1 would feel very different!


Feb 13, 2016
DaniJ - I'm keeping it. It took a couple of days but the diamond is just gorgeous and it really is the perfect size for my lifestyle. I'm thinking about a diamond stacker though....;-) Please post pics when you get your ring!
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