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Photos of my cats to bring some cheer to your day!


Jun 26, 2007
I had to resurrect this precious thread!

Looking through it- filled to the brim with everyones adorable, incredibly cherished felines raised my spirits!

I have to update to add that we just adopted this rescue from one of my coworkers mothers!

She has a large pecan orchard and has been feeding a young white calico cat when she noticed that she was missing, she finally found her dehydrated and that she had given birth to a litter of four kittens, three of which had passed but she was still tending to them.

This little boy was the only survivor and needed to find a good home as there are many predators like rattlesnakes and coyotes that would love to have him as a snack.

Hes been home with us for two weeks now and has been successfully weaned off of substitute milk after having his mothers for 5 weeks (such a good young mama cat!), and is eating dry food now!

He is a gray & white little boy with stripes all over and he definetely has a fiesty and powerful personality! He loves to play! He is a fighter and has a very strong personality!

Brother & Margaret have also finally gotten used to him and dont mind his presence anymore! At first they hissed and I felt so bad but the kitten never seemed fazed (he might end up rooling the roost after all) but now they both have accepted that theres another one to our gang!

I still havent settled on a name for him yet so any ideas are welcome! The stranger the better!

A photo of him on some of my daughters books having just eaten with a messy face!

IMG_20200609_220711.jpg IMG_20200609_000434.jpg
The two photos I took when we first got him and took the little trip to bring him home

One of my sweet Brother sleeping- a little teddy bear! Sweet boy has been sleeping around my neck at night and the weight has actually been soothing me to sleep. Hes a very intuitive cat when it comes to depression or stress. He truly could be a comfort animal ❤

Words cannot describe how adorable this baby is!
Waaaa! I want one!
But Miso is very challenging and would probably not tolerate a new cat.


Apr 13, 2018
Our sweet Oliver. He is 3.5 months old and such a sweet boy. 34AB724F-9A12-4099-A536-A67489D4DE69.jpeg 994B123B-2C21-4F82-A9EB-77BD6BDC84E5.jpeg 79D07111-76BB-4DA9-865D-58D2911E7DBD.jpeg
Omg perfect name for his adorable little triangle face!! Look at those sweet innocent eyes and that smile! Oh dear im in love!

@moneymeister Theres a reason why there are so many myths about cats. (:

Many cultures rich with spirituality believe that cats and cats only, toe the line between our world and the world of the dead. They believed that they are able to see those spirits and also strong enough to wore them off! Many believed that while a black cat was unlucky and was a sign that it was your turn to die or were the sidekicks to witches and to those that delved deep into the spiritual realm or shapeshifted, other breeds/colors of cats were frequently welcomed to keep away evil spirits. Ive had too many odd experiences to feel as though I can confidently debunk any of that really. Spooky stuff!

@stracci2000 Awwwwe I know the kitten fever well lol
What a responsible cat mama you are though to recognize that the one you already have might not be the best bigger brother! ❤
Hopefully these can satiate your kitten fever though!!

IMG_20200624_162642~2.jpg IMG_20200624_162633~2.jpg
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