My short story and thoughts on what I purchased...

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Feb 25, 2009
My short story. I first found this site a few weeks ago while seeking some advice on a costco ring.
GIA Report #: 16265818
Table: 56%
Depth: 61.6%
Crown angle: 35%
Pavillion angle: 41%
1.06 ct

I got responses right away and Lorelei suggested getting an idealscope to examine the stone. While waiting for the ring and idealscope to come in, I went to a local jeweler as well as seeing what Jared had to offer. Pretty much ruled out Jared right away, since for the same ring it was going to cost a good bit more. The local jeweler was more competitive and had some nice looking stones but I got an uneasy feeling while there.

Once the costco ring came in, I liked what I saw and purchased it. They have a great return policy, so if I found something better, I could easily take it back. I took the ring back to the local jeweler, figured it would be nice to have something to compare their inventory against. Wasn''t sure how that was going to go over but I wasn''t sold on the costco ring yet. One of the owners that I had been working with wasn''t there that night, so someone else helped me. He said something along the lines of "looks like your mind is already made up, I am not sure what I can help you with". I let him know that my mind wasn''t made up and I wanted to look the stones I had been previously. He went back and got the stones. He also called the owner and let him know what was going on. Long story short, the stone in my ring looked better than anything I had been looking at during previous visits. One stone in particular, looked quite a bit worse to me even though the person helping me said there was no difference between that one and my costco ring. OK. After seeing I wasn''t interested in any of those previous stones, he brought out a 1.3ct stone that did look the same as mine except that it was bigger.

Originally they said they would do the 1.3ct ring for the same amount that I had paid, which I thought was a good deal seeing that it was 25% larger and looked exactly the same. The problem I was having was my girlfriend is a dental assistant and I didn''t want something too big. Plus I didn''t know how comfortable she would be wearing a $8000K + ring. After some internal debating, I decided to go ahead and get the 1.3ct stone. Well it turned out there was some "miscommunication" between the guy I was working with and one of the owners. They wanted me to pay $700 more in order to get their ring. I decided not to get the ring and left. The owner on the phone from the night before called me the next day and said he could find something around the 1ct size that he would be able to save me some money on.

Well after that experience, I decided to see what whiteflash had to offer and wired the money today for this stone/setting and wanted your thoughts:


Also, I read about ASET images but am still confused. Could someone interpret the ASET image with my stone?

Thanks for reading my story and all the help I''ve recieved. I am looking forward to see what my ring looks like.



Jan 13, 2006
Hi mb,

Your request for ASET interpretation made me giggle. You have bought one of the best of the best, no worries.
And the setting is lovely, you did well! She''ll love it.

However, not to deny your request, here you go. And actually, we use the Idealscope more for rounds, ASET for fancies.
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