Moissanite rings from Starsgem on ebay (starsgem8)


Jan 24, 2019
It's pretty! I keep looking for an antique egg shape pear- I'd love to have one of those in an off white/soft yellow. I've only seen a picture of one cut on reddit, from Provence, I think. I've never bought from any of the vendors and I'm going to have to learn how!

Thank you! Also, you should get one! I haven’t bought from Provence, but I’ve heard good things about them and their loose stones are very affordable. I asked about an antique oval from them a week and a half ago and it was $40 for one that was 5x7 in GH color! I just went with Starsgem because I wanted to get an ACC/OMC more and I preferred their ACC over Tianyu’s or Provence’s. I don’t remember how much I paid for my first ACC from Starsgem (which was 6mm and not elongated), but I am pretty sure it was more than what I paid now.
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