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Meet "Karma" - My 2.091 ct K VS2 ACA!


Dec 17, 2008
She is beautiful! She does look very white too! Congratulations on your upgrade!

Vera W

Apr 7, 2005
I wanted to introduce y’all to my dream upgrade! I've named her “Karma,” since she’s a “K” and reminds me of the song “Karma Chameleon,” with her “red, gold and green” flashes everywhere! (Warning: once that song sticks in your head, it doesn’t want to leave!)

A couple of years ago, I bought a .81 ct K ACA with the plan to upgrade gradually to a 2 carat by my 15th anniversary. I was actually able to do it two years earlier than expected, and I am just over the moon excited! This isn’t an engagement ring, since I wear it on my right hand. (I am sooooooo sentimental about my wedding set!) Karma is what I call a “Happily Ever After” ring and, boy, does she make me happy! She’s a solitaire for now, but she may change to a three stone in the future.

I had one upgrade between the .81 and the 2 carat: a 1.377 K Expert Selection that I got just before Christmas last year. (I’m so sorry I didn’t post pics of that one. Things were just so crazy!) But when the opportunity to upgrade to this spectacular ACA came along, I took it. I was able to use the same setting throughout the upgrade process and just swap out the head.

A note of advice to those who are considering this starter super ideal and upgrade process: check with your sales associate at the beginning, when you first select your setting, and make sure you can reuse it. It’s still a few hundred dollars to swap out the head, but definitely less than a whole new one.

The service at Whiteflash was, as always, phenomenal, and several people deserve shout outs. Liza is always so patient, responsive and helpful and just plain fabulous. She shares my joy whenever I buy anything and I so appreciate it! Vera kept me so well-informed, and she pretty much held my hand during the upgrade process. And, finally, Marcela, who always takes such amazing and artistic pics of my jewelry. Her work is breathtaking! Thank you so much, Whiteflash!

I also want to say “Thank you” to @Julyisjuly and @Lykame here on Pricescope. Your videos were SO helpful and fabulous! I may not have mentioned it in your threads, but I want you to know that your journeys gave me the really important visuals that I needed and didn’t see anywhere else.

I got the ring last Saturday. Of course, I knew it was coming, but I wanted my hubby to surprise me with it. And he DID, with a surprise scavenger hunt! He even rented out a PO Box to put a clue inside. THAT clue was a jump drive containing a video of him to lead me to the next location. I felt just like Jason Bourne!

Let me just say that, of all of the K’s I’ve had, THIS is the whitest one. I have to look closely to see color. I was a little scared, with it being a larger stone, but she is just GORGEOUS! We both thought I might have gotten the wrong diamond, she is so white! I am thrilled. She truly is my dream diamond!

So, without further adieu, meet Karma! (I did a little photo shoot with my anniversary flowers. She’s very photogenic, even with my terrible photography skills!)

2.091ct K VS2 in Whiteflash Classic 6 Prong Solitaire in Platinum, size 6

Depth % 61.3
Table % 55.5
Crown Angle 34.6
Star % 50.0
Pavilion Angle 40.7
Crown % 15.3
Lower Girdle % 77.0

rps20210330_095227.jpg rps20210330_095259.jpg rps20210330_095320.jpg rps20210330_095355.jpg


Aww Thank you so much for your kind words. It is pure delight for me to get to do my part with this cherished trade up. Karma is just lovely and no doubt will bring great joy each and every day!! I love those flowers too, they are my favorite color! Wishing you all the best. :kiss2:



Feb 11, 2021
I haven't seen a K in person, but I fell in love with a J. All the colors just made it that extra beautiful. So I know what you mean. You picked a beauty! Enjoy!


Nov 8, 2013
Karma is an absolute beauty! How incredible are ACA's and how amazing is Whiteflash - simply the best! Well done to you and good luck getting anything done in the days/weeks ahead with that gorgeous ring on your finger, I reckon your distraction level will be high!!! :dance:


Apr 6, 2005
It's beautiful! Congrats on getting your dream stone.


Jan 26, 2018
I love Karma! I guess we can let the lack of first upgrade pics long as we get more handshots! :lol-2:

Thank you so much! I will definitely post more handshots! (I know I was a bad Pricescoper with no decent pics for the upgrade!)
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