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Looking to buy my wife a spacer for her ER/WB. Help?


Sep 11, 2012
I would see if you can get to a store of soem description to try these spacers on. Some like the “busy” look and others don’t. And what might seem like a great option in pics, it may not translate to when it is on the finger.

There are some great options for the spacers.
I would also consider the type of spacer that may rub against the bands that she currently wears. It may or may not be an issue as it will be made of the same metals... what I am trying to say is that you have pace set diamonds on the bands that she has at the moment. More milgrain and diamonds exposing on the spacer may all act like a saw and soon the wear and tear of these bands may become apparent. And new bands or repairs are in order. It all depends on the design you have in mind to complement the bands that she is wearing.

other posters who have different metals and gems on it will say they have no issue, and that is great... I guess making you aware of it that it may be an issue.

for what it’s worth- I really like the concept of TnC-blue box etc... but it is sterling silver and not platinum.

so much fun with this project!!
I also like (well- love really) the vintage engraving styles. I too, would have considered a plain band. But it is your wife that is going to be wearing it- so she is the best person to make the decision on the band given all the considerations presented to you (&her).
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