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Apr 22, 2004
Removed Wildfishgems due to business closure.

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These are the list of vendors that some people have had a good experience with. Your experience may not be the same. Please search the vendor in this forum for reviews. If you open up a review, put the vendor name in the title so others can easily search for and retrieve your review. Prior to purchase, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the vendor's policies as to shipping/insurance, returns, and restocking fees (if any).

If you are new to colored stones, before purchasing from ANY vendors, it is highly recommended you read this thread first.

New to coloured gemstone buying? Read this first!

First of all welcome to our technicolour world! :wavey: If you've never bought coloured gemstones before, you're in for a real ride and I'm hoping that this thread may help you on your quest for your "special" one! One thing it's important to know .......... this part of PS is frequented by...

Cutters and/or Gemstone Dealers
Marc Sarosi -
Arnold & Rung of AJS Gems -
Rick Martin of Art Cut Gems -
Doug Menadue Bespoke Gems (precision & custom cut)
Steve Green (fine Briolettes)
Lloyd A. Forrester of Clear Cut Gems -
Richard Homer of Concave Cut -
Dan Stair of Custom Gemstones (updated policies towards PS members) -
David of Diamonds by Lauren - (mainly fancy coloured diamonds but also coloured gemstones)
john rhodes
Jeff Hapeman
Joe Escobar -
Leibish - (specializes in fancy colour diamonds)
Gary Braun of Finewater Gems -
Hemi Englisher of
Andrew Gulij of Gemfix -
John of GemRite -
Constantin Wild - and
Lisa Elser -
Gem Line -
Dana of Master Cut Gems -
David Wein of Multicolour Gems - (exactly that!)
Ulli of Osiris Gems -
Pala - (sells to trade only)
Paraiba International
Pearlmans jewelers. Colored stones and diamonds
Robert Genis
Gene Flanigan of Precision Gems -
Jaimeen Shah -
Reddiam - (specializes in fancy colored diamonds)
Jason Brim -
John -
Roger Dery -
Steve Perry
Brad Payne of The Gem Trader - (specializes in rare and unusual stones) (UK gemstone dealer specialising in unheated sapphires and rubies)
Peter Torraca
Bruce Bridges Tsavorite USA Inc.
Steve Wallner, Westviewgems
Jeff White of White's Gems -
(Unheated Sapphires and other untreated gemstones)
Peter Brush of Western Gem
Vance Gems
Coast to Coast Rarestone Int'l

Ebay Stone Vendors
Beau of Beau-wy
Jeff Davies of Fine Gemstones and Jewelry
Weblorn -

Ebay Setting Vendors
American Set -
Lan.bo4 -
diamondmounts -
jewe2004 -
LOGR (Lord of Gem Rings) -

Etsy Stone and/or Setting Vendors
Adzia -
Carey Robbins - (cabs)
Caysie VanBebber of CVB Inspired Design
Jim McCormick -
Sally of Heart of Water -
KosnarGemCo and
Kyleanne -
Maddie of OneGarnetGirl -
Jill of janishjewels -
JuliaB -
Ryan Quantz (mostly does cabochons, but also some faceted gems) -
Yvonne Raley of Cecile Raley Designs -
Wilds Global Minerals - (Stones only)

Custom Setting Vendors
Brian Gavin Diamonds (BGD) -
Brilliantly Engaged (BE, formally known as ERD) -
Victor Canera -
Green Lake Jewelry -
Joseph Jewelry -
Steven Kirsch
David Klass
Quest Fine Jewelry
Hunt Country Jewelers
Peter Lees Jewelry
Beatriz Fortes

mvmgems (Instagram handle)
Jordyonbass opals -

Other sites
Opal Auctions -
Diamond Bistro -
Jewels By Grace:
Jordyonbass -
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