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Feb 25, 2020
Ok so I have already gotten my oval halo and shared prong band. Next up I want to get earrings it wont be for another few months as I'm getting them for my birthday. I was thinking small like each one 0.3 maybe but now I'm thinking maybe 0.5 so 1 carat total, we will see!

After that I dont have a lot on my list (but am open to suggestions ha ha) but I am thinking I want to get another upgrade for my 20th wedding anniversary (which is 4 years away) and want to go three stone and big so will keep my eyes peeled for any 2+ carat bargains in the meantime ha ha!!


Oct 14, 2020
What a cool thread!!

1) An AVR (Heritage), 1.25+ Ct in a halo (hopefully my e-ring)
2) An AVC in a K/L color, maybe set in rose gold somehow, 1.75+ ct
3) A 2+ ct MRB
4) A tennis bracelet, 3-4 cts
5) wedding band designed by Distictive Gems to go with #1

I am borderline obsessed with anything Jonathan makes, and wish I had all the disposable income to constantly have one of these projects going :D


Nov 9, 2008
Fun! Reminds me a little bit of this thread:

When Bloomie’s was having the deep LB sales in the spring I was dreaming up tons of projects — an eternity band with the 0.25ct blue rounds, maybe a three-stone ring with cushion cuts. I almost pulled the trigger on their pink halo earrings. But honestly I tend to wear the same simple pieces every day, or no jewelry at all, so I decided to finally make a PS account and chat about jewelery instead of collecting a bunch more pieces I wouldn’t wear.

Right now I’m keeping an eye on this ring (I don’t have any rose cut diamonds):

And toying with the idea of two bezel-set tennis bracelets. And of course I’m keeping up with the 2ctw stud earring conversations on this forum! I just had a 1ctw pair made from LB stones during the Bloomie’s sales that I’ve been wearing everyday. I thought about going up to 2ctw at that time but settled on 1ctw and I’m really happy with that choice. They are a perfect size for me for daily wear and I love them.

Lightbox at Bloomingdalesis having a sale right now, $25 off every +100 spent. I just purchased 2-1 ct pendants to make into diamond studs.
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