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Is De Beers making a mistake?


Nov 27, 2009
I feel like PSers weren't necessarily going to be much of their lab stone business anyway. The lab coloured stone and moissanite section gets some traffic but the MMD section seems to get less. The offerings from Lightbox are just too small for many here. Several people expressed interest if they ever decided to go higher than a carat. But since they didn't really I can't blame people here for not being as interested. I know I already have a half carat mined diamond ring. I would never be interested in another half carat, blue or not. But I would be interested in a 1.5 carat blue lab diamond someday when my husband gets a big boy job.

Edit: Oof I hope my post didn't sound snarky. If it did I didn't mean it that way.
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Jan 9, 2019
I am not a PSer , just a general lay person .
I am looking for the best bang for the buck and prepared to wait even a year until something good is available in my budget
Many people like me I am sure , just waiting
So many it’s lightbox , if not it will be someone else


Sep 19, 2018
Is De Beers leaving Lightbox revenue on the table? Yes.

Is maximizing the revenue of Lightbox the goal of De Beers? Probably not.

This article was published in June of 2018.

Here is a link to some recent critical customer reviews on the LB website, along with their replies. Go to the most recent ones:
Several reviewers complained about the lack of one carat rounds, except for those w holes drilled into them to prevent resetting. LB responded that in a few months, they will be offering 1 carat white round pendants, sans holes, along with higher quality gold settings.

Considering that they already have 1.125 carat princess stones, and 1.125 baguettes too, it seems like they’re being responsive to what their customers like, and are starting to offer what they’re asking for. I foresee 1+ carat round white diamonds in their future lineup, along with new shapes and cuts. Hopefully colors too. They’ve already broken their “nothing larger than one carat” limit.

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