I'm back, with a Maytal Hannah engagement ring!


Apr 20, 2021
I'm not very familiar with Pricescope DM either, so I guess I'll post publicly about some info - blurred out, if you want details, maybe we can exchange emails.

I know a lot of vendors source diamonds and forge the jewelry, one of the most successful and popular jewelers here on PS is Victor Canera. I have heard about his work for a couple years and understand that he's one of the best. Originally, I wanted the Emilya by VC.

However, as I had a trade-in diamond to consider, I wanted to go with a vendor with a bigger selection who's more likely to take my previous ring and offer a great upgrade. Many have a great online presence and WhiteFlash is a reputable vendor here on PS. With WF A Cut Above diamonds you get a lifetime upgrade policy. Additionally they have many diamonds in-house, whereas many vendors don't have the diamond at hand and it would take some time to source them to be viewed in person. During my conversations with the WF team, I felt comfortable doing business with them so I picked an ACA and didn't look back.

With the WF ACA, I asked VC's team for a quote, and I was rejected b/c they only worked with their in-house diamonds or perhaps long-term clients. Plus I may be the minority here but the email exchanges I had with a VC team member rubbed me the wrong way. I believe VC charges an additional 1K for outside diamonds, provided he agrees to do your project. So I went with Maytal and am really happy with the outcome. She's very communicative, caring and detail-oriented. With COVID restrictions I think she needed to plan around it for her workshop, the original timeline was 6-8 weeks. I got the ring after about 10 weeks. Her quote I think is also fair and lower than VC's.

Locally in SoCal, David Klass Jewelry is also popular on PS, but I didn't reach out to them, you can check out their instagram.
Hope this helps, and I'm just sharing my personal experience. :P2

Hi - this is exactly what I was looking for so thank you for sharing!


Mar 6, 2014
Ooooh, another gorgeous Maytal halo! :love: :love: :love: I could look at these photos all day! Perfect proportions. Congratulations and enjoy!


Sep 13, 2019
I love your ring - I’m curious - can you share a photo of your wedding band next to your lovely e-ring? I’m contemplating a reset but have a chunky wedding band I don’t want to replace!
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