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If you lost all your jewelry and were given the money instead to do what you liked....


Sep 25, 2008
I don't think I'd get a very big cheque :lol: but I guess I'd probably get one EC lavender spinel ring then save the rest towards a house deposit.


Jun 10, 2020
I’m in the sentimental camp and my most loved jewelry is irreplaceable for that reason. If I lost it all I’d probably only replace my largest diamond studs straight away and use the rest of the money to slowly replace the sentimental pieces with custom items that are new but in the same spirit as the original item, like @marymm with her wedding band.

Impossible to replace my wedding band, which matches DH's including sweet engraving inside shank... but he'd be up for a new set for us, platinum this time, and we'd do something special, maybe even a renewal ceremony, to imbue the new bands with our love and promises to each other.


Nov 27, 2011
I'd spend every cent on jewelry. I do not have sentimental attachment to any of my jewelry and all is replaceable, so I would be fortunate if this scenario happened to me.

Replace with same:
7.8ctw 3-prong tennis bracelet
3ctw diamond studs in crown settings
5-stone ring in trellis setting
2.5ctw inside out j-hoop earrings
white gold hoop earrings

Replace with similar:
ceylon sapphire bracelet
ceylon sapphire ring
garnet bracelet
garnet ring
.40ctw diamond studs set super low for 2nd earring hole

Upgrade wedding ring:
between 3.70-4.25 H VS2 ACA 6-prong solitaire with split shank setting

New item:
white gold link bracelet (I am currently on the hunt for this now)


Jan 11, 2006
Oh, this is fun! It would be nice to have all that money knowing what I know now, such as what I really wear, and what I'd like in a different size or color! I have been thinking about this a lot anyway. I want to pare down to a basic classic collection that I love and start giving my daughters the things I don't wear so they can enjoy them.

1) Whiteflash ACA diamond studs (replacing). I am happy with my current 1.3 ct each studs, but I'd maybe go for 1.5 cts each in the imaginary situation!

2) WF platinum DBTY with 15 pointers: 36", 17", and 7" bracelet (replacing and adding 17")

3) WF ACA tennis bracelet, probably the 7.8 ct. (debating about this because I'd rarely wear it)

4) WF ACA engagement ring, 2.5 cts, G VS1 or 3 stone with smaller center (because I think my AVR is not easily replaceable). If I did the 3 stone, then I might add another emerald cut or antique asscher diamond ring while I am dreaming.

5) WF 5 stone band for either right hand or when I don't want to wear the solitaire on the left.

6) Tiffany Legacy wedding band (replace) and maybe a full diamond eternity with larger stones.

7) Tiffany diamond cross pendant (replace)

8) a fine sapphire and diamond ring

9) white south sea pearl earrings

10) some everyday white gold and yg hoop earrings

11) a yellow gold set of VCA pieces, probably earrings (2), bracelets (2), pendant/necklace (2)

12) a white gold set of VCA pieces, same as above

13) the rest would be to replace some staple pieces I am collecting for my daughters and granddaughters. I plan to give each of them diamond studs (already have these), a diamond cross, and a ring or two for special birthdays.

Thank you for asking this question, because it really was helpful for me to narrow down what I'd like to keep or add!


Jul 24, 2003
Fun thread, hmmmm? I would replace the pieces I designed. I would buy at least a 3ct MRB and at least a 2ct OEC. Oh and a pair of 2ct studs


Jun 6, 2010
Great question, as many of us have re-evaluated priorities lately.

1. I’d replace my 3.74 CvB Ering though I honestly might go a bit smaller.

2. I doubt I could replace my SS oval

3. I’d replace my OEC 1.75 tcw studs and would probably upgrade to about 1.5 each stone

4. I’d replace my gemstone cabochon collection and the IDJ earring jackets, as I wear them a lot.

5. I’d replace my rose gold engraved band, which I wear to the beach/gym, etc.

That’s it. The rest I’d put towards retirement...
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