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Help from someone good with designs apps - mold arrived


Mar 7, 2021
The second screenshot, with bands labelled A/B/C/D/E - that is my post, and those are my rings.

I have a great many unplated WG pieces in many different alloys and karats. Almost all Ni alloys err green compared to pure whites and yellows in most lighting environments. Unless DK has access to custom formulations - his standard stuff most likely will. I am very colour-sensitive, however; others may not care or notice.

Thank you for this. I think the greenish tint will bother me. I guess I will do it all on yg then.


Sep 11, 2013
Just wanted to ditto what PPs said and suggest you work with a designer to nail down details like angles, transitions, etc. Working with DK (or whoever your sales associate/customer rep ends up being) is fine if you really just want to know whether something will "work" as in can it physically be done. But if you want to get more input in terms of "flow" or what not, then working with a designer if definitely the better way to go! Note, I do not know if that will be an additional design fee though since I've only worked with DK on 1 piece and it's on an existing setting. Hopefully others with more experience with DK can chime in on this.

And FWIW, I like how the floral head looks with scroll detailing on the shanks. Almost like they're vines/leaves stemming out from the center (no pun intended :lol:)


Sep 13, 2019
Fodder for your thoughts on design...

This is a beautiful example of a CVB ring (owned by @Starfacet ) with melee on the shoulders but a plain shank - obviously a different style, but just to give you and idea - love it paired with the engraved wedding ring

I have always loved @Acinom 's stack - the combo of the texture on both a wedding ring, e-ring and broken up with a plain stacker is lovely - just wanted to share!



Jan 6, 2020
I will echo @elizat and recommend you speak with a designer. I believe DK has one on staff, yes? (Amy).

Wheat engraving is a hallmark of Edwardian and Art Deco design. The flowing, open, fluid lines of the Dahlia head (Caysie's original and DK's modification) lack all seminal characteristics of early 20th century enclosed geometry, angularity, and proximal repeatability. Dahlia is... My first instinct is Rococo-inspired. A much earlier time period. I honestly think that the Dahlia head on a wheat engraved band will look very mismatched, visually - the evolution between these styles spanned almost a hundred years and they reflect different aesthetics.

You might note that all Caysie's pieces maintain era-specific design elements - this is not accidental.



Oct 19, 2013

youve been given some good things to think about by others.

I’ll add that DK does have an option to use nickel free white gold that is very white, it never needs plating, so technically it’s unplated white gold. Once upon a time I asked for unplated and this version was what I received.

i also have a ring that’s 18k yellow shank with an unplated 18k (nickel) white gold. I don’t feel it’s greenish, so either I’m lucky in what the bench used, or lucky in poor eyesight.

i do think that the style of wheat engraving that you pictured plays nicer with the head design you want, compared to the wheat engraving of what DK puts on his SM as advertisement for bands. But I can see the reasoning where others point out the head design /engraving pattern
aren’t necessarily period appropriate with each other.

im sure you’ll find the right path, for you.
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