E-ring re-set - honest opinions, please!

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Jan 1, 2007
Yeah, I would definitely have them redo it. I wouldn''t even have them send it to me, honestly. If you specifically asked for something different I highly doubt you''re going to be happy with the peg head. I''m really not sure why they would do that after you sent them pics of that Leon Mege to show them the basket you wanted! I''m sorry-I''m not trying to get you riled up, but it irritates me when people try to make excuses like that.

The style of the ring is gorgeous, though-what wedding band are you planning on wearing with it?


Feb 10, 2008
I see what you mean about the head. I think if you don''t like it now you probably aren''t going to like it any more later. If you do decide to remake, I''d definitely try to have the prongs like you requested, claws, which your inspiration pic shows. That design has the potential to be stunning, but a few things need to be tweaked in my opinion.


Sep 14, 2008
Thank you for all of your honest responses. It makes me feel less OCD when others pick-up on little details as well. (well in this case - it's a major detail).

woobug: I was hoping you'd chime in! After seeing pics of my ring, I went back and searched for yours to see how your head was connected to the shank. I saw that your basket is kind of peg-set on the little pad, so that's why I asked them to go ahead and send me the ring without alterations since I love the look of yours. Your stone is set way lower in the basket and the from what I can tell, the pad is thinner than the ropes - so the overall profile is lower, sleeker and more integrated. These small details will make a huge difference if we were to compare yours & mine. (yours looking way nicer, of course!)

I've been trying to picture the ring on my hand, and I think the basket will be too high to my liking, especially going from a super-low stuller solstice setting on my original e-ring.
But who knows! I did want a different look from my original!

Pete from Quest told me that he liked the continuous look of the rope - which is another reason he wanted to go this route vs. my original plan. He said that this way is much more difficult to produce than having the split shank & integrated basket. that doesn't seem right to me, but i'm no expert!

In regards to a band to go with this solitaire, I'm not sure yet! the price for the matching band from quest seemed high to me. I'm looking at some vendors on etsy who may be able to make something to match. in the meantime i'll wear it alone or with my original plat band.


Jan 11, 2003
I would speak with Pete, and be specific that the ring you''re getting is NOT the ring the two of mapped out. I''d be mad and frustrated honestly if I''d sent pictures with details and got back something completely different. I can see the Leon type head with that gorgeous band, that''s what what you wanted and Pete CAN do that. He does great work, he''s made a ring for me and we''re working on another currently that needs to be exactly as I described.

I hope it goes well and that you get the ring you visualized.


Jun 2, 2008
It seems that after considerable thought and research you were very clear about your desires, you had photos to make it even more clear, and you haven''t changed you mind. Don''t second-guess yourself now. You know what you like. This ring is not IT for you. I haven''t heard a viable reason yet why your wishes couldn''t have been met. I''d have a friendly, yet frank and firm discussion about making it right for you. Lovely design, BTW.


Nov 12, 2004
Wooooo, you are exactly right about my ring. It is a peg head that sits on a flat pad. The pad is thinner than the band. I honestly think you should bring your ring in and put it on. Because mine sits on that pad it does make it difficult to put just any band beside of it. I honestly wish mine sat a little higher like yours. Pictures make it soooo hard to really tell. I hope you bring it in and try it on. Then i would tell the jeweler exactly what you want done. Your stone looks beautiful in the setting!!
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