Chasiu's latest obsession - big colorful pearls!

Daisys and Diamonds

Apr 30, 2019
The Kasumi double drops... these pearls are so gorgeous. They almost look golden in some lights. I wish they could spin so I can show them off in any orientation while they are on my ears! I went with the PP Cascade settings and custom linked eye pins to allow for some motion.

Shaded indoor light:
Kasumi Pair 1.jpg

Natural light indoors:
Kasumi Pair 2.jpg

I love that the bottom pearl almost looks satiny smooth with a range from blue/purple to pink to green.
Kasumi L1.jpg

The back of the top pearl is definitely more rippley than the front. Pretty sure it had more colors too; I wonder if they attached it the wrong way to the hook lol
Kasumi L2.jpg

The right earring, oh my god the colors. It's so much more vibrant in person than the livestream can show. The top pearl is almost rainbow-like.
Kasumi R1.jpg

The bottom drop also has a good amount of blue and pink
Kasumi R2.jpg

These are definitely less heavy to wear than my edison fireballs and brings the kind of drama I like ;)2 I should totally wear the fireball as an enhancer with these double drops on.

i honestly stopped breathing when i first looked at these


Jun 23, 2010
Gorgeous! Love, love them.

Thank you!

Love love love and I totally understand what you mean about wishing you could move the pearls to face different directions depending on your desired look of the day. Makes me excited for my pendant which is a WIP :dance:

Oooh, I can't wait to see how it turns out. These Kasumi pearls in person were so much more beautiful than I imagined.

i honestly stopped breathing when i first looked at these


I'm planning on wearing these out for the first time to work & an event in the evening. Will need to subtly take more photos in different lighting, for science of course :geek:
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