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Bezel with prongs?


Sep 18, 2007
So, I've had the bad misfortune of sustaining a couple of chips in the girdle of my transitional cut engagement ring in this past year. I'm terrified of destroying it and would love to protect it as well as possible - since I love it and it's a family diamond. I currently have my ring in the four prong ritani endless love setting.

I have two ideas for the altering the setting - one would be to create an illusion style setting (vintage style) to encapsulate the head. Maybe adding more fishtail style prongs?

Idea two would be to create a bezel from the little cup that surrounds the stone now by extending it upward. (possibly keeping the prongs as well and adding bezel inbetween)

Have you ever seen a style before that has a bezel and prongs? PLEASE send me links or pics if you have seen this before. I don't adore the look of a bezel but I don't have the heart to not protect this stone.


ring setting.jpg
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