Anyone know if JA would be willing to brand unbranded stone


Jan 14, 2016
Im looking at an unbranded stone from James Allen with excellent cut that fits the parameters of the True Hearts cut requirements with excellent if not perfect IS images. What I'm wondering is whether the company would be willing to brand the stone a True Hearts for a small premium. If so, approximately how much it would cost.

The reason Im looking for a branded stone is that my gf is rather clumsy and, God forbid something should happen to the diamond, Id want to know an insurance company would replace it with a quality stone (another JA True Hearts), not just some random diamond with the same 4Cs that could be a poor performer.


Aug 8, 2005
Re: Anyone know if JA would be willing to brand unbranded st

I'm thinking you just buy a True Hearts from the outset.

As for your specific question. You would have to ask JA that.

Also a very good appraisal, like one Neil Beaty would give you with reflector images and so forth would ensure the insurance company replacing it with kind, and that is another-- more commonly accepted-- way to go about it.

Last time I got a detailed report like that from Neil it cost in the 200-300 range plus shipping.


Nov 7, 2015
Re: Anyone know if JA would be willing to brand unbranded st

Well... this is literally what happened to my stone after my purchase. They re-branded my stone.
Realistically, I don't believe they would re-brand a regular stone True Hearts. If they do, it would tarnish their True Hearts brand.

But they provide an appraisal for free, which you can use it for your insurance purposes. On my appraisal, it said "Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows", meaning James Allen recognized my stone ideal cut.

It does not hurt to ask, if they include "Hearts and Arrows" for a non True Hearts stone, as long as the proportions are within the ideal ranges and as long as the JA appraiser believes the stone is ideal. Or do they just include "Hearts and Arrows" on the appraisal for any decent looking stone to make their customers feel good?? I don't know if that's good enough for you.

Or you can buy a non-branded AGS000. AGS000 is arguably better than GIAXXX in general. I don't know how insurance works and if that is even helpful when it comes to a claim.
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