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Recycle Your Jewelry! Part Two

By Erika W. Recycled Jewelry - Before and After Pics Visit Recycle Your Jewelry - Part One for simple tips on how to maximize the potential of valuable unused diamonds, colored stones and mountings. Now, get inspired by jewelry recycling projects posted by Pricescopers. It's time to revive your jewels! 1. Bal...

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Recycle your Jewelry! Part One

By Erika W. Revamp your Jewelry Box - Out with the Old, In with the New! New holiday baubles making your jewelry box feel a little crowded? It's time to take stock! If you've been collecting jewelry for awhile, you may find your tastes change over the years. Maybe that big gold nugget ring doesn't do it for yo...

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Sharing on the Internet – 5 Tips to Stay Safe

By Erika W. Are you oversharing online? We all love to share our jewelry, but we know that there have been instances of theft from information posted on the web. We care about the Pricescope Community and we wanted to give you some easy tips on how to prevent over-sharing. In the past we have had to remove phot...

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Jewelry Basics – 5 Classics Every Woman Needs

By Erika W.Jewelry Basics for Ladies Every woman needs classic jewelry pieces for her wardrobe. These go-to jewelry staples will take you from work to play, and will provide you with a solid foundation for your collection. Buying for your lady? Take a peek inside her jewelry box, and see if she is missing one of...

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Diamond Upgrade – 5 Options

By Erika W.Why Upgrade? Want a bigger diamond or a diamond of different quality? Want to keep the diamond but upgrade the mounting? Want to mark your wedding anniversary with a new diamond ring? Or maybe, you just want to feel the thrill of getting engaged all over again. There are a many reasons why diamond enthu...

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Time for a Tweak? Ring Makeovers

By Erika W. Yearn for an update? Revamp your ring! From reworks to remounts, there are many ways to achieve a new look. Get inspired by the following Pricescope makeovers. Change Prongs - Lower Head Before 1.5 carat asscher cut diamond ring Posted by decodelighted After 1.5 carat assc...

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Fancy Another Diamond Cut?

By Erika W.9 of the Most Popular Diamond Shapes Do you ever get that itch for something different? Attraction to certain shapes is personal, and Fancy Cut diamonds present a whole host of shape delight. What shapes do you covet? Round Brilliant 1.22ctw round brilliant cut diamonds Three Stone RingPoste...

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9 Tips to Combat DSS (Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome)

By Erika W. Diamonds Shrink? Ok, they don’t really physically shrink, but as you get used to wearing your diamond engagement ring, the center stone may appear smaller over time. Some experience DSS right off the bat, while others remain content with their diamond for decades. Do not fear DSS! There are ways to...

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