New Pricescope Guide for Consumers: How to Sell Your Diamonds

By Erika Winters

Looking for information on how to sell a diamond? We’ve just added a great new diamond-selling guide for consumers written by independent jewelry appraisers Neil Beaty and David Atlas and edited by diamond expert John Pollard.

The tutorial, How to Sell Your Diamonds: A Guide for Consumers, outlines five primary sales strategies for consumer sellers.

From the guide:

Selling a diamond: Who are the buyers? What is the reality of the secondary market?

The first step in a diamond sale is to understand exactly what you have. Diamonds are valued using a grading system that’s well-described in the diamond and jewelry tutorials here, but an inconvenient truth is that diamond grading standards vary. Any offer you receive will be based on how the buyer sees the diamond’s grades, so it’s in your best interest to anticipate what those grades will be…Read more.

The consumer guide accompanies our Sell Your Diamond system, which we launched late last year. We understand that circumstances arise when consumers consider selling their diamonds, so we have added these features to help our members with the process.

Loose diamond

Looking to sell a diamond? Our new guide titled “How to Sell Your Diamonds” offers great tips from independent jewelry appraisers Neil Beaty and David Atlas.

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