10 Tips to Get You to the Proposal without Losing the Ring

By Jessica VandenHouten of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

The stress of picking out the perfect engagement ring, purchasing it, and then mustering up the courage to propose can make men a nervous wreck. It makes perfect sense why the proposal brings so much pressure. Especially since the precious ring is often coming next in line after the house and car in terms of most valuable household assets. That is a lot to lose!

Proposals gone bad

We all heard the horror stories of proposals going horribly wrong. The guy who arranged for a hot air balloon ride and watched the ring plummet to the ground just has he was about to propose…. The guy who thought it would be romantic to ask for her hand while boating, only to have the ring sink to the bottom of the lake before she could say yes…. The guy who proposed at a clam bake on the beach who wound up digging, and digging, and digging for the diamond ring that would never be found.

If you’re thinking about proposing soon, here are 10 tips to help you get from the store to the proposal with your ring intact.

  • DO insure the ring before it leaves the store. Even if something does happen to it, you’ll be covered and it won’t mean money down the drain.
  • DO keep the ring in the box and store it someplace safe in your home, like a fireproof lock box.
  • DO stay grounded. If you do happen to drop the ring, you can more easily recover it on dry land than from the air or water.
  • DO let your jeweler hold onto the ring until you are ready to propose.
  • DO use the hotel’s front desk safe, never the in-room safe which can more easily get broken into.
  • DON’T put the ring in checked luggage, which can become lost or stolen, including all contents within it. Instead, place the ring in your carryon bag.
  • DON’T propose on the beach – rings can too easily get lost in the sand.
  • DON’T propose anywhere you have unstable footing – boat, amusement park ride, parachuting, etc.
  • DON’T propose in overly crowded areas where the ring could get bumped out of your hand or snatched from a passerby.
  • DON’T put the ring in food. It could become lost, or worse yet, choked on. Nothing says “I love you” like a trip to the ER.

Following these tips will help assure that your proposal story has a happy ending and you’ll share fond memories with your loved one for years to come. Here’s to hoping your proposal goes off without a hitch!

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