Wedding Jewelry in “Marry Me”

Jennifer Lopez is back on the big screen, or tiny screen if you are streaming it on Peacock. This role may seem like JLo playing JLo from the description,  but the wardrobe department set out to make a visual distinction that adds a thoughtful touch to the production.

Sad looking woman covered head to toe in sparkle.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Kat Valdez –  Style

Jennifer Lopez is not only the star of Marry Me; she is also a producer. She was able to help create the visual narrative of her character and differentiate it from her own superstardom. Going so far as to have Jennifer’s stylists on hand to point out if pieces were too similar to those that Jennifer has worn in her own life, they really wanted to give Jennifer’s character, Kat Valdez, a life of her own. Some audience members will lose the detail here; honestly, some of the looks are just such extravagant glamour and sparkle that they could easily see JLo wearing it at an event. That said, the fact that they put in this level of effort is pretty neat.

There are definite parallels between JLo’s personal style and Kat Valdez’s. In the story, one can also draw parallels between Ms. Lopez and Ms. Valdez. The choices made here were deliberate and helped create a more immersive experience. For decades, we have all seen Jennifer Lopez as a glamourous diva of the stage, screen, and studio. We have also been witness to JLo having rough patches in her love life, as so many people do.

The Romantic Comedy

We see Kat Valdez set to marry her famous beau in an over-the-top wedding extravaganza in the previews. However, when she learns that her fiance has been unfaithful, she decides to marry a stranger from the crowd. Charlie (played by Owen Wilson) is a math teacher at a public school, whose life is quite a dramatic departure from Kat’s life of luxury.


The wedding dress is directly off of the real-life runways. In an interview with A. Frame, the film’s costume designer Caroline Duncan said:

“All the jewelry was pivotal, especially for the wedding gown. It was all this company, this incredible Italian diamond company called Pasquale Bruni. The earring, the flower, it’s a petal. So, it’s a really, really feminine bridal [look]. And [it’s] romantic. Just heightened romance for every part of her costume.“

“The dress is a runway Zuhair Murad wedding look that had just been in the Bridal [Fashion] Week a few weeks before we had her fitting. There were two dresses from that collection that stood out to everybody that were both incredibly embossed and dramatic. So, in talking to Jennifer and her team and the director, it felt like, because the wedding is not an intimate, subtle or private event, because it’s part of the media beast – but also it’s part of a show – it’s also part of like a musical act, we wanted one of the dresses to just have so much stage presence.”

We think that jewelry should nearly always be considered pivotal in costuming decisions! It is lovely when the look is thoughtfully balanced. We are also so stoked to see the work of Italian jeweler: Pasquale Bruni. Named for its founder, Pasquale Bruni has several members of the Bruni family now working in the company. This talented family has been creating gorgeous pieces for two generations now.

Let us know what you thought of the jewelry and costumes if you’ve seen the movie! Inspired? Find your own dream bling:

Written by Kayti Kawachi
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