Love is Blind: Engagement Rings

It’s likely you have heard about the reality sensation Love is Blind on Netflix. We know that we have seen it all over the internet lately. That got us thinking – where do those engagement rings come from?

We’ve been reminded of the adage “beauty is on the inside” our entire lives, though as adults in society, it sometimes rings hollow. Living that truth, even as a reality show experiment rife with drama, just maybe… we’ll also see some real love.

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The premise of the show is that the participants are ensconced in separate pods and can only communicate on speed dates through the wall, but since the voices are right there and can be a constant companion, it can feel very intimate very quickly. They remain in the pods for about 10 days, which is the equivalent of about 20 dates. With each step, there is a reminder of consent in the situation and after the pods, if they want to meet… they get engaged. Once engaged, they are off on a honeymoon-style vacation, and then come back to live together for about 4 weeks, meeting the families, etc. When all that is done, they can decide whether or not to go through with the wedding.

Meeting people without the noise and distraction of life is a situation that cannot be replicated in the real world. It’s an interesting experiment that has taken the world by storm. We all want to believe that our personalities are what our love is dependent on. While this experiment has taken the world by storm, they certainly hedged their bets in that most of the participants are at least relatively conventionally attractive. What we really want to know about is the rings! Since so many of the couples have gotten engaged, we had to know where their steady supply of rings is coming from.

Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen told Variety that most of the cast members do *not* come with their own rings (although obviously, Kyle did), saying, “If they want to propose and want to have a ring to give, we provide—up to a certain level—a ring for them to do that with. If they choose to do that, we actually give choices. There are, like, 10 or 12 different styles and colors. It’s up to them, they don’t have to. There’s no pressure to do that.”

A black woman gazes up into the eyes of her white male partner. Love is in the air.Image Source: Netflix

As they are living within their constrained environment, the producers bring in a selection of rings, but if they want to add to the rings with their own money, they are welcome to do that. The rings on The Bachelor are created by Neil Lane and are returned to production if the engagement is broken. As Love is Blind is allowing people to bring their own, or to upgrade the selections that they provide, it seems that their participants are keeping the rings. Per participant, Natalie Lee, she and her fellow female castmates have all kept their rings. Netflix has kept pretty tight-lipped about the ring details, but some sharp-eyed fans have noticed things like three of the newly engaged couples all had the same three-stone ring. So the selection may be limited,  but the diamonds are still beautiful and seemingly getting the job done. Two couples per season so far have seen it all the way through to being married by the end!

Asian woman in wedding gown, inset pic of a ring in front of a computer that says

One couple who were watching while in quarantine were inspired to give the pod-style romance a try and also ended their experiment engaged!

After quarantine, most of us can probably relate to the feeling as if we live in a pod. Whether you’re looking for that special piece of jewelry in person or are still reluctant to stick your head out the door, PriceScope has vetted all of our trusted Vendors and our jewelry search is a great place to start your own engagement ring search.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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