Matching Earrings to Face Shape

When most are getting ready to go out, or even to have an online video meeting, they want to look their best. Earrings highlight and accentuate the face when they are the right style to match your face shape. We want to give you some tips on matching face shape to earrings, and we would love to hear your tips too!

You know your face, you have probably consulted with a hairstylist about the best cut and style to flatter your face. Not everyone takes that next step and considers that not every style of earring is one-size-fits-all. While the trick to the eye is relatively universal, the actual choice of what to wear is based on taste and what makes you happy. There are also conflicting versions about face shape definitions, but these are all representations of face shapes that we’ve found.



Woman smiled at the camera, dark skin and hair and long earrings. Blonde woman with black lace dress.

You want to elongate your face and accentuate your features, creating long lines is the way to get there. Long hanging earrings are a great way to achieve that. Studs and hoops mimic the roundness of your face and serve to make it seem shorter and rounder.


Dark skinned woman fiercely looks at the viewer. Black woman in braids and hoop earrings smiling at the viewer.

An oval face shape’s dimensions highlight the cheekbones naturally. This face shape, unlike round shapes sings with hoops, studs, and triangles. The smaller pieces balance the eye line of the face, and looks beautiful!


White woman with dark hair looks at viewer. A white woman with a blonde bun looking to her right (the viewer's left).

When your face is longer, you want earrings that are going to widen your face at its midpoint. Studs and hoops are great! If you want to go with dangles, try to get a wider dangle with some size to it. Pulling the line at the center of your face makes it seem more oval than oblong and will make it a bit shorter in appearance.


White woman in profile, long dark hair. White woman glances at the viewer over her shoulder.

When your face is more square, you want to emphasize roundness. Causing the illusion of a more curved facial structure. Hoops, round studs, rounded dangles are all good! You want to avoid anything square or boxy,


Blonde woman smiling to the right of the viewer. Black woman looks fiercely at the viewer backed by greenery.

A heart-shaped face features a large forehead and the face tapers down to a more narrow chin. This face shape is best suited to long dangles that draw the eye to the chin, balancing the face. Studs, huggies, and jackets are not as complementary to the heart-shaped face.


Woman smiling at viewer, dark bun, diamond face shape. Woman smiles at the viewer with hoop earrings.

People with a diamond face shape can wear hoops or long curved dangles to make the jawline appear softer. Add width to a pointy jaw with pear shapes or triangle-shaped earring styles.  Adding roundness will emphasize your cheekbones while giving a softer appearance to a pointed chin.

Earrings For Your Face Shape

6 different celebrity faces with shapes overlaid on them, 2 pairs of corresponding earrings with each face.


These are suggestions, not laws. The reality is that if you feel good, you usually look amazing! Wear what you like, the bigger the smile the better!

When you are looking for new earrings to match your face shape, check out the PriceScope jewelry search. PriceScopers love to chat about jewelry, join the discussions about earrings, or find earrings to match your face shape at Adiamor.

We know that this is not an exact science, so if you have tips to share please do in the comments! You may help another PriceScoper find their match.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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