The True Meaning of Memorial Day

By PS Staff

The True Meaning of Memorial Day

May 30th is Memorial Day. To some, that means a 3-day weekend and barbecues. For others, it means so much more. Memorial Day is to honor those who fell protecting our freedom, those who understood that the concept of this country and family was more important than their individual life.

They are the reason we are here, in all of our glorious differences and disagreements, in a safe country where we are allowed to flourish as far as our dreams and hard work may take us. They performed their duty to the very end. They understood the real price of wearing the uniform of our country. They understood that there may be children they would never meet, birthdays they would never see and holidays they would miss.

Yet nevertheless, they went, they died, they sacrificed, so that we would have a better life. So that we would be free from living under tyranny’s thumb. So that we could have a future in which we could be anything.

These men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice understood the gravity of enlisting in the military. What protecting the United States “…against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . .” entailed. Yet, they did not hesitate to face freedom, and sadly, finality head-on. They did not hesitate to enlist even when the climate back home was not always favorable to who they were.

They, more than anyone else, understood that at best, they would return home a different person and at worst, they would never return home. Yet, they raised their hand to take an oath to protect us all and never looked back.

So this Memorial day we ask that while you are going about your day, surrounded by your friends and family, to take a moment to remember and honor the day.

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