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Mother’s Day Shopping

When you have a great Mom, no one can compare to her in your life. Mothers do so much for us, and we can never really repay it all. Mother’s Day is the chance to celebrate Mom for all she has done and will do. In our mind, that is a great reason to add some joy she can see all year. She can look at her new jewelry a...

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Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas

If you are still doing holiday shopping, you are not alone. There is a reason that there are drug stores with full aisles of gifts open 24 hours on Christmas Day. There are a lot of late shoppers and there can certainly be a strategy to that game, especially if you don’t mind if a gift is late. There is still tim...

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Holiday Shopping Tips

It may seem early, but the holidays are going to sneak up as they always do. We wanted to put some ideas together to help you navigate your shopping plans and get them out of the way. Make this a beautiful and less stressful holiday season by having the shopping done early. THE STAPLES There are pieces that are ...

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Black background with a moonstone and the moon.

National Moon Day 2021: Moonstones

Moonstones can be really gorgeous; they exude an almost mystical light that gives them a unique look. While they can be overlooked when people are thinking about gemstones, the moonstone is more quietly celebrated in several ways. Since July 20th was National Moon Day, let’s look at moonstones and what makes them...

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The Origin of Mother’s Day

You’d be forgiven for thinking Mother’s Day is as old as other popular holidays, but its origins aren’t as far in the past as one might think. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is recognized as the creator of Mother’s Day, when she held a memorial for her mother, Anne Jarvis, in 1907. Anna Jarvis had begun lobbying for...

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Solitaire engagement ring with french pavé setting. Image Source: Zelle Duda on Unsplash.

Let’s Band Together This Holiday Season

  We spent so much time focusing on beautiful diamonds that we nearly missed highlighting one of our favorite looks: beautiful bands. Yes, the holiday season is all about ornaments, lights, and sparkling bands. The following rings bring all of that and more. Let’s "band" together and admire these beautiful b...

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A man and woman celebrating the festive season with a glass of bubbly in either hand. Photo by Artem Kniaz on Unsplash.

Happy Holidays 2020

We are deep in the holiday season and many of us are attempting to remain festive even though many of us will be in the house. I’ve heard of families getting together over Zoom, having watch parties of their favorite holiday films, and doing anything else they deem necessary to stay in contact with their loved ones....

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Thanksgiving Day Jewelry

  This Thanksgiving will be like none other. Many of us will be spending it alone or only with a very small group of family and friends without our “safe” bubble. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous at a party of one or two. Not to mention that you definitely need to be glammed up in the case...

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